To maintain consistency with remarks made in the Introduction to The Genealogy of the Jermy Family, all genealogies included in this present section - which concern families with surnames of the form Jermyn and its evolved variations such as Jarmyn, Germyn, Jermin, Jermany, Germany, Jermy, Jarmy, etc - will be assumed to be unrelated to the ancient landed family of Jermy. This includes those whose name was eventually accorded the spelling 'Jermy' after many generations of being such as Jermyn or Germany. There are of course a great many such families and only a few are included here - being those which the author happened to become interested in for various reasons which will usually become apparent in their respective treatments.

      The first of these family researches was written up some time ago and has been transferred to the present Website essentially verbatim - by a fairly basic OCR program. The others are still under construction but will follow as soon as they have been compiled from data which is also long possessed.

The Spurgeon and Jermy Families of Norfolk

The Jermyn Family of Hempnall, Norfolk

Robert Jermyn, Quaker (c1646-1720)    [This is a sub-section of the previous topic.]

The Jermys of Caistor and Lakenham (c1700-1900)

The Jermyn and Jermy Families of Broadland in Norfolk.    [This covers mainly families of the surnames Jermany, Jarmany, Germany, Jermy, Jarmy, etc settled primarily in the Plumstead, Salhouse, Wroxham, South Walsham and Lothingland areas.]

The Jermyn Family of Rushbrooke, Suffolk    [Sorry, this has not yet been completed. However, details of an interesting book written about one of that family's more important members: Henry Jermyn, Earl of St Albans, and the associated history and genealogy, may be seen by visiting: ]

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