While searching records for Pennington Street in Wapping concerning an ancestor of my wife (see section on Jermy Genealogy re Spurgeons) - I happened to notice an entry for one 'George Betjemann' who resided earlier on this same short street. This coincided with my reading Sir John Betjeman's 'Letters' in which some doubt was expressed concerning his family's origins and the correct spelling of their surname. This served to spur my interest in resolving these questions further and in turn led to the gradual accumulation of the material now reported on this family in the following sections.

      The line leading from George Betjemann to Sir John is described first - in 'Betjemann Pedigree I' - which is followed by coverage of other Betjemann families who settled in England - in Betjemann Pedigrees II and III. There is also an account of one of the families into which John Betjeman's family married - the Merricks - and their intriguing possible connection with a landed family of Anglesey in Wales - the Meyricks. These various sections are probably best read in the order listed below. In each case, the relevant pedigree charts will be incorporated within the body of the Detail which elaborates more fully on these pedigrees.

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