The 1000 or so Songs listed below (in Parts 1 and 2) are those I've enjoyed most, but whether because of the particular artists by whom I've heard them performed (mainly on record), or because of the intrinsic quality of the songs, is hard to say. Not included are a number of compositions of obvious merit once enjoyed, which no longer prove as satisfying. These are often the slow 'standard' ballads - eg by Irving Berlin, Jerome Kern, Richard Rodgers, etc - as, say: Blues Skies, I Concentrate On You, Long ago and Far Away. Cole Porter's Night and Day might fall in this category but it's included because it was once a firm favourite in my youth. There are a number of others of similar borderline status - some included, some not. Such quality songs have probably suffered from over-exposure, even if that was now decades ago. Always, by Irving Berlin, is another in this group but the version by Ella Fitzgerald rescues it. And, admittedly, Chet Baker does a great job on Long Ago and Far Away. These composers have of course contributed many other wondeful tunes that are included in the lists.

       Other tunes having less interest than previously are the novelty songs - as Kalamazoo, Maresie Dotes, etc (or any modern equivalents) and those with an overly fast tempo - such as Tea for Two, How High The Moon, Fascinatin' Rhythm, etc - which, while attractive, have simple, repetitive themes, devoid of much melodic variation - played primarily for their fast rhythmic effects. A borderline number in this regard, which is included, is Them There Eyes - but Billie Holiday could sing the telephone book and I'd love it. Since about 1965, the bulk of new popular music ('pop' or 'rock') is often, but not always, devoid of significant melody (in my estimation), relying mostly on one instrument (the guitar) or artificial synthesiser rhythms and rather mediocre, repetitive lyrics of limited quality. Well, whatever sells... And much of modern jazz over that same period seems to focus on ever more intricate harmony, with more intellectual than emotional content. Technical cleverness, not feeling (other than 'assertiveness', which characterises so much of 'bop'), too often predominates. Good music is surely an integrated, coherent balance of all three elements - rhythm, harmony and particularly melody - with capacity to evoke emotional response. But, to each his own... I realize that many devotees of recent rock/pop find as much melody as well as that ubiquitous rhythm in their favourites, as do I in mine. And while agreeing with Wynton Marsalis that good jazz should always 'swing', it should also, I believe, express some warmth or feeling as well; something that suggests that the artist has experienced 'life' - beyond music college.

       Lyrics are a special kind of poetry - which require rhythm and melody for their aesthetic effects - but with the melody, the music of a song, seen here as the slightly more fundamental element - even where it benefits from those lyrics. In the best songs, the lyrics and melody blend together seamlessly to stir various emotions - sometimes mild, sometimes profound. This contrasts with simple, toe-tapping rhythm numbers that only 'arouse' - in a general sense. Equally, some of the classic slow ballads, while possessing flowing melody and fitting lyrics, often evoke more rational than emotional effects - even though they are ostensibly love songs, typically; A bit two dimensional maybe. I would be hard pressed, however, to explain why the marriage of melody and lyric in such songs as You've Changed, I Didn't Know About You or You're Always There - as sung by Anne Shelton, Mildred Bailey and Kay Starr, respectively - evoke deeper emotion in me than an admittedly excellent tune such as Long Ago and Far Away - beautifully sung as it may be - by Kathryn Grayson, say.

       [Since writing the above, one has become more aware of just how universal and popular is the idea of producing a list of one's favourite songs. Enter that phrase into a good search engine (as Google) and it shows over 400,000 entries! How naive, therefore, to think that more than a sprinkling of others would ever find their way to a given list (say number 87,432 or whatever) by a cursory search. And, as an veoldieve myself, it is even more obvious to me now that it is the 'pop' songs - of the '70's, '80's and 90's (and now the noughties) that vastly predominate in such lists. I suppose that focusing oneves search onto specific categories - as jazz, classics, blues, country, or vethe American popular songve (which Ived always assumed referred to standards written mainly in the '30's to '50's), might eliminate some of this over-whelming avalanche of popular youthful taste. Ivem sure thereves a good thesis to be written (if it hasn't already) onthe 'critical period' in one's life/youth when the music of the times is maximally conditioned or integrated into an optimally responsive musical/emotional/peer-pressure system. I imagine this must be around the age of 20 (+ or - 4 years, say) for most people. Later, they can be exposed to the favourites of a different genre or age and it will likely register little or no interest - just disdain, while their own preferences have been cast in concrete for life - no doubt including mine. It's more a function of contemporary culture and a desire to be a part of the latest esoteric scene. I suppose it was ever thus.]

       But one mustn't generalize. There's been a tendency in some circles to castigate the music of the '50s, say, as vesentimental, gushy papve - from the 'pop' scene of the day especially (ie the hit parade then). And much of it was just that; there must be millions of people who enjoy the odd nostalgia programs which play such music of that era. I am not myself one of them. Like the music produced by pop idols and the ubiquitous groups of today, I never listened much to all that then nor now. And yet, I certainly did enjoy hundreds of other great perfomances made in the '50s - by such as Nat Cole, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armtrong, Sarah Vaughan, Billie Eckstine, Mel Torme, Kay Starr, Carmen McRae, Lee Wiley, George Shearing, Jack Teagarden (and other jazz instrumentalists), etc. Equally, there has of course been some good material written since the '70s and 50 years from now, someone will still appreciate it - as others will prefer the more popular material of today (in which, I must admit, there is sometimes some melody). And can so many millions be wrong? Jazz, and much of vemy kind of musicve - often on the edge of jazz - must it seems remain a minority interest. Who's heard of Freddie Gardner or Maxine Sullivan?]

-- -- -- -- -- -- --

Note: Titles of songs and tunes in the Lists below preceded by one to three asterisks (*) denote particular favourites - at least at present; tastes do alter and vary with mood. An (N) beside an entry - with a year - indicates that its choice may have been influenced as much by Nostalgia as by musical merit, although it's often both. I've tried to show the Composer and Lyricist in that order, if known, after each title, although in some cases both (or more) parties have contributed to both elements. Some names may be in the wrong order and not all first names are (presently) known. The names of performers shown in square brackets are those I know have recorded enjoyable versions of the number concerned; there are no doubt others of equal merit. Space dictates that not all can be mentioned here, nor the CDs, LPs, etc in which they occur. A red symbol (#) before a performerves name indicates (for my own information) that I have that version as an mp3 file, or in some other format. [Only a portion of the former category has been so verified thus far; those held on CD, LP and cassette will also be analysed subsequently; I intend eventually to transfer these to mp3 form as well.]

I hope to build up a collection of the lyrics, including the often excellent verses, if written, to all the songs on the list but this is even more labour intensive. Some of these have now been included and may be brought up by clicking on veLyricsve, where shown. The lists will also include a few lyricless 'tunes' - as performed by various jazz players in particular - as eg Struttin' With Some Barbecue, Potato Head Blues, Theme from The Bad & the Beautiful, etc. Finally, some years after this list was first compiled, a website has emerged listing the 1000 most popular veJazz Standardsve very many of which were already on my original lists here. I have placed the ranking number of same (based on an American poll) just before my titles - in brackets - as: [34], say. If one of my choices does not appear on their list, the bracket will appear instead as [?] and signify some unknown ranking beyond 1000. Equally, many of the numbers on their list are not included in mine although these are ranked mostly beyond 500. In addition, another excellent and relevant resource that did not exist until more recently is at: en.wikipedia/wiki/Jazz_standard .

* * * * * * * * * *


         Part One - A to M


[?] A Blossom Fell - ?  - Lyrics    [#Nat Cole; Sue Raney]
[?] Adios - ?        [#Glenn Miller & Orch: Mel Torme; Art Van Damme]
[?] After All - Billy Strayhorn      [[#Johnny Hodges with Duke Ellington (2 versions: 1940 and 1967)]
[828] After Hours - Raye Gordon & ?        [#Sarah Vaughan (1951); John Pizzarelli]
[?] After The Rain - ?        [#John Coltrane; Alan Scudamore]
[34] After You've Gone - Creamer & Layton        [Kay Starr; #Bobby Hackett; Sarah Vaughan; Sydney Bechet; Nat Cole; Louis Armstrong; Dinah Washington; Kay Starr; Jack Teagarden; Ella Fitzgerald; Mel Torme]
[?] Again - Newman & Cochran        [#Dinah Washington; vera Lynn; Vic Damone; Others]      (N - 1950 - at a Coffee shop in Rotorua)
[32] Ain't Misbehavin' - H. Brooks, Fats Waller, Andy Razaf        [Louis Armstrong; #Billie Holiday; #Maxine Sullivan; Joe Williams; Sarah Vaughan; Earl Bostic; Carmen McRae; Anita OveDay; Johnny Hartman; Kay Starr]
[?] Alice Blue Gown - ?      [#[Joni James; June Christy; Stanley Black]
[?] A Little Bit Independent - ?      [Bob Crosby and Georgia Gibbs; Ann Lerner with Carroll Gibbons; Eddie Fisher]
[986] All By Myself - ?      [Frank Sinatra; Nat Cole; Rosemary Clooney; Ella Fitzgerald; Buddy Clarke; Bobby Hackett (with Jackie Gleason); Bob Crosby]
* [950] All My Life - S Mitchell & S Stept        [Ella Fitzgerald with Teddy Wilson (1936); Ernestine Anderson (***); Carmen McRae (*); Julie London; Wes Montgomery (with vocalist); Joe Williams; Benny Goodman (with Helen Ward)]
* [?] All My Tomorrows... - J. Van Heusen & Sammy Cahn        [Nancy Wilson; Frank Sinatra; Michael Feinstein (**)(with verse); Tony Bennett]
[71] All Of Me - Gerald Marks & Seymour Simon (1931)        [Billie Holiday; Helen O'Connell; Kay Starr; Frank Sinatra; Sarah Vaughan; Louis Armstrong; Johnny Hodges; Mildred Bailey; Tony Bennett; Dinah Washington; Peggy Lee; Johnny Hartman]
[387] All Or Nothing At All - Arthur Altman & Jack Lawrence        [Bob Eberly; Frank Sinatra; Sarah Vaughan; Dick Haymes; Anne Shelton; Ella; Billy Daniels; Harry James (with Helen Forest)]
[2] All The Things You Are - J Kern & O. Hammerstein        [#Helen Forest; Sarah Vaughan; Don Estelle; Mildred Bailey; Frank Sinatra; Ella; Sarah Vaughan; Carmen McRae; Scott Hamilton; Paul Desmond; Billy Eckstine]
[?] All This Is Mine... - Jimmy Van Heusen & Johnny Burke        [Frank Sinatra; no others noted]
[509] All Through the Night - Cole Porter        [#Ella Fitzgerald; Nancy Wilson; Johnny Mathis; Stephane Grappelli; Julie London; Ella; vera Lynn; Glenn Miller; Bobby Hackett (1954)]
** [459] All Too Soon - Duke Ellington        [A wonderful, gentle song!]     [George Shearing (delightful and wistful); Ella with Duke Ellington; Mildred Bailey (1941-lovely); Sarah Vaughan (1946); Peggy Lee; Ben Webster; Chris Connor; Duke Ellington (on Piano)(x4); Beegie Adair (Piano - excellent)]
[89] Alone Together - Arthur Schwartz        [Chet Baker; Carly Simon; Chris Connor; Joe Williams; Peggy Lee; Joe Lovano; Bobby Hackett (with Jackie Gleason); George Shearing; Ben Webster; Julie London; Judy Garland; Paul Desmond]
[302] Always - Irving Berlin        [#Ella Fitzgerald]
[?] Amapola - Jos Lacalle & Al Gamse        [#Helen O'Connell/Bob Eberly; Anne Shelton; Allan Jones; Deanna Durban; Glenn Miller]      (N - 1941)
[?] Amaroso (?Little Girl Blue) - ?     [Stan Tracy (1960) - re-issued on CD 2005; Luis Mendoza & Orch.] [Note: Little Girl Blue has been recorded by most of vemyve kind of singers while Amaroso has dozens of instrumental versions - by South Americans.]
[966] An Affair To Remember - Alfred Newman & Sammy Cahn        [#Vic Damone; Nat Cole; Ralph Sharon; Jane Morgan]
* [?] And Maybe You'll Be There - Rube Bloom & Gallop        "I go out walking after midnight..." [Rosemary Clooney; Billie Holiday; #Kay Starr; Sue Raney**; June Christie; Etta Jones]
[786] And The Angels Sing - Ziggy Elman & Johnny Mercer        [Martha Tilton/B Goodman; Helen Humes/Lester Young; Anne Shelton; Rosemary Clooney; Mildred Bailey; Ella; Mills Bros] (Note: This title appears on Johnny Mercerves gravestone in Georgia.)
* [921] Any Old Time - Artie Shaw & ?        [#Billie Holiday/Artie Shaw(1938): Ella; Carmen McRae; Artie Shaw (with other vocalists)]
[754] Anything Goes - Cole Porter        [Maxine Daniels; Stephane Grappelli; Ella; Frank Sinatra; Rosemary Clooney; Dick Haymes; Tony Bennett; Ray Conniff; Morgana King; Susannah McCorkle; Helen Merrill]
[?] Any Time..Day..Where - Victor Young & Ned Washington        [Lee Wiley; Nat Cole; Mills Bros]
[130] April In Paris - vernon Duke & Yip Harburg        [Ella & Louis; Frank Sinatra; Billy Eckstine; Billie Holiday; Nat Cole; Ella; Duke Ellington; Sarah Vaughan; Mel Torme; Teddy Wilson; Rosemary Clooney; Blosson Dearie]
[?] Aren't We All, (I'm A Dreamer, ) - ?       [Carmen McRae (**); John Coltrane; Bobby Short]
[?] Ask Me Again - George & Ira Gershwin        [Michael Feinstein (**); Rosemary Clooney]
[365] As Long As I Live - H Arlen & T Koehler      [Maxine Sullivan; Rosemary Clooney; Billy Eckstine; .....Massala; Anita OveDay; Lena Horne; Peggy Lee; June Christy; Ella; Sydney Bechet; Stan Getz; Duke Ellington; George Shearing]
** [?] As Sweet As A Song, (You're...) - ?        [Al Bowlly; Louis Armstrong (1938)**; Brian Lawrence; Jack White (English Dance Band)]
[266] As Time Goes By - A Hupfeld - Lyrics      [Elizabeth Welch; Frank Sinatra; #Louis Armstrong #; Rosemary Clooney; #; Tony Bennett; vera Lynn; Billie Holiday; Peggy Lee; Julie London; Ella; Jimmy Durante; Lee Wiley; Don Estelle; Billy Eckstine; Michael Feinstein; Alice Dabs]
[?] As You Desire Me - ?      [Sarah Vaughan (1949)]
*[?] At A Dixie Roadside Diner - ?      [#Ivy Anderson & Duke Ellington (1940)]
* [869] At Last - Harry Warren & Mack Gordon - Lyrics        [#Glenn Miller; Anne Shelton; #Scott Hamilton; Lou Rawls; Nat Cole; Ella; Arthur Prysock; Michael Feinstein; Blossom Dearie] (N - 1942)
[909] At Long Last, Love - Cole Porter        [ ? ]
[121] Autumn In New York - vernon Duke - Lyrics      [#Geo Shearing; Stan Getz; Sarah Vaughan; #Frank S.; #Billie Holiday; Jeri Southern]
[11] Autumn Leaves - Jos Kosma & Johnny Mercer Lyrics        [Mel Torme; Stan Getz; Natalie Cole]
[?] Autumn Serenade - ?        [June Christie/Lou Levy; #Johnny Hartman]
[109] Avalon - Al Jolson, Billy Rose & Buddy De Sylva       [Natalie Cole; Others]
[?] Awful Sad - Duke Ellington        [Duke & Orch]


[205] Baby, Wonvet You Please Come Home - ?      [#Jack Teagarden; Ella, Bing, Louis, Nat, Bix, Dinah, Sarah, Billie, Jimmy Rushing, Freddie Gardner; Juanita Hall]
* [872] Bad And The Beautiful, (The..) Theme from movie of same name - David Raksin (who sub-titled it veLove Is For The very Youngve      [#Andre Previn; Bill Evans]
[182] Basin Street Blues - ?      [#Sidney Bechet; others]
[?] Beautiful Lady - ? (I'm not sure of this title)        [?Vic Damone or ?Tony Martin or ?]
[?] Be Careful, Its My Heart - Irving Berlin       [Frank Sinatra]
[?] Because Of Rain - ?       [Nat Cole]
[247]Begin The Beguine - Cole Porter        [Artie Shaw]
* [539] Bess, You Is My Woman Now - G. Gershwin & D. Heyward        [#Ella and Louis; Others]
[?] Best Is Yet To Come, (The) - ?      [#Nancy Wilson]
[818] Best Things In Life Are Free, (The) - ?        [Kay Starr]
* [?] Betcha I Getcha - ?        [#Kay Starr]
[?] Bianca - ?        [Sarah Vaughan (1949)]
[432] Black And Blue - Fats Waller & Andt Razaf        [Louis Armstrong]
[?] Black Beauty - Duke Ellington        [Duke and Orch]
[?] Black Butterfly - Duke Ellington        [Duke and Orch]
[892] Black Coffee - Paul Webster & Sonny Burke        [#Peggy Lee; #Sarah Vaughan (1949)]
[857] Blame It On My Youth - Oscar Levant & Edw Hayman        [Nat Cole; Geo Shearing; #Frank Sinatra; #Karen Allyson]; Jeri Southern
[?] Blame My Absentminded Heart - ?       [#Kay Starr]
[327] Blue And Sentimental - ?      [#Helen Humes]
[ ?] Blue Champagne - ?      [#Manhattan Transfer; #Freddie Martin; #Jimmy Dorsey and/or Glenn Miller with Ray or Bob Eberle*; Anita OveDay]
[?] Blue Gardenia - ?       [#Nat Cole; Diane Schuur; #Dinah Washington]
* [?] Blue In Your Eyes, (The) - Irving Berlin       [Anita O'Day; Others]
[?] Blue Mood (UK)/Just A Mood (US) - Teddy Wilson      [Harry James/Teddy Wilson]
[?] Blue Orchids - Hoagy Carmichael & ?       [Matt Munro*]
[744] Blue Turning Grey Over You - ?       [ ? ]
[1] Body and Soul - Johnny Green, Edw Heyman, etc (1930)      [Louis Armstrong (1930); Michael Feinstein; Coleman Hawkins (1939); Sarah Vaughan (1946); Others]
[911] Brazil - A Barroso & Bob Russell      [#Helen O'Connell/Bob Eberly; Frank Sinatra; #Rosemary Clooney]     (N-1942)
[133] But Beautiful - Jimmy Van Heusen & Johnny Burke      [Michael Feinstein; #Ben Webster]
[54] But Not For Me - Geo & Ira Gershwin (1930 - Girl Crazy)      [Ella Fitzgerald; Dinah Washington; Sarah Vaughan #Billie Holiday]
[?] * By The Fireside - Ray Noble & ...Campbell & ...Connelly       [#Al Bowlly] ............................................................................................................................................................................................


[ ? ] * Cabin In The Pines, (There's A) - Alexander Hill      [Al Bowlly]
[549] Cabin In The Sky - ?      [Lena Horne; Ethel Waters; #Kay Starr]
[?] Canadian Sunset - ?      [#George Shearing]
[?] Can Anyone Explain? - ?       [Ella Fitzgerald]      (N - 1950)
[716] Candy - Kramer, David & Witney       [Johnny Mercer; #Nat Cole; #Manhattan Transfer]
[?] Can't Get Out Of This Mood - J. Mc Hugh & Frank Loesser      [Sarah Vaughan (1950); #Chris Connor; #Frank Sinatra]
[632] Can't We Be Friends? - Swift & James      [#Ella & Louis; Ella & Frank; Al Bowlly; #Anita OveDay]
[?] Can't We Talk It Over? - Victor Young & Ned Washington       [Joe Williams; #Al Bowlly]
[?] Careless - ?      [#Sarah Vaughan]
[?] * Chances Are - Stillman & Allen       [Johnny Mathis *]
[?] Cecilia - ?       [#Dick Todd]
[?] Charmaine - ?      [#Vic Damone]
[221] Chelsea Bridge - Billy Strayhorn       [Ella Fitzgerald]
[612] Cherry - Gilbert & Redman    Lyrics     [#Bob Crosby; Louis Armstrong; Dick Haymes ]
[305] Christmas Song, (The) - Mel Torme     [Mel Torme; #Nat Cole]
[?] * Cinderella - Robt Dolan & Johnny Mercer       [Johnny Mercer]
[?] Clear Out Of This World, (You're) - ?       [ ? ]
{?} Close To You - ?       [ ? ]
[298] Close Your Eyes - A. Petkere     [Marion McPartland; Al Bowlly]
[?] Come Back To Me - ?       [Robt Goulay; Peggy Lee; Sammy Davis Jnr]
[?] * Come Fly With Me - Jimmy Van Heusen & Sammy Cahn       [Frank Sinatra]
[?] Come In From The Rain - Melissa Manchester       [Barbara Cook; Carmen McRae**]
[?] Come Rain Or Come Shine - Harold Arlen & Johnny Mercer       [Dick Haymes; Diane Schuur]
[151] * Come Sunday - Duke Ellington       [#Mahalia Jackson ** (1958: Black, Brown and Beige); Carmen McRae]
[407] ** Coquette - ? [#Billy Eckstine **; #Bob Crosby]
[382] Corcovado - Antonio Carlos Jobim       [Stan Getz]
[?] Country Girl - Robert Farnon       [Tony Bennett]
* [388] Crazy He/She Calls Me - Russell & Sigman       [Nat Cole; Humphrey Lyttelton; Billy Holiday; Chet Baker; Diana Dors; Tony Bennett; Jeri Southern; Sarah Vaughan; Peggy Lee; Anita OveDay; Abbey Lincoln] ...............................................................................................................................................................................


* [?] Dance Of Life - Robert Dolan & Johnny Mercer      [Johnny Mercer]
Dancing On The Ceiling - Richard Rodgers & Lorentz Hart       [ ? ]
Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup - Anna Sosenko      [Bing Crosby; Nat Cole]      {N - 1943 when I used to hear it on the Juke box in Henryves Cafe (corner of Pender & Richardves in Vancouver - while a Messenger Boy with he CNR]
** [70] Darn That Dream - Jimmy Van Heusen & Johnny Burke - Lyrics     [Bobby Hackett (with Jackie Gleason); Dinah Washington; #; Mildred Bailey & Benny Goodman; Bill Evans; #; Billie Holiday #; Geo Shearing; #; Helen Humes #; Jim Hall; #; Lena Horne (**); Maxine Sullivan; Others]
[?] Daybreak - Richard Whiting & Johnny Mercer       [Chet Baker; Others]
[237] Daydream - Billy Strayhorn       [Johnny Hodges]
* [503] Day In, Day Out - Rube Bloom & Johnny Mercer       [Ella; #Frank Sinatra; Johnny Mercer]
[135] Days Of Wine And Roses - Henry Mancini & Johnny Mercer      [Rosemary Clooney #; Chris Connor]
[?] Day You Came Along, (The) - ?       [Bing Crosby; Al Bowlly]
[595] Dearly Beloved - Jerome Kern & Johnny Mercer       [Fred Astaire; June Christy; #Dinah Shore]      (N - 1941)
[589] Dear Old Southlands - Layton & ?       [Louis Armstrong]
[573] Dedicated to You - ?       [Billy Eckstine & Sarah Vaughan (1949)] [740] Deep In A Dream Of You - Jimmy Van Heusen & ?       [Jeri Southern; ]
[295] Deep Purple - P De Rose & Mitchell Parish       [#Helen Forest; Sarah Vaughan (1951); Freddie Gardner; #Joni James; Bob Eberly]
[713] Desifinado _ Antonio Carlos Jobim & Newton Mendoca       [#Stan Getz; #Ella]
[?] Devil & The Deep Blue Sea, (Between The) - Harold Arlen      [Maxine Sullivan]
[?] Did He/She Ask About Me ? - ?       [ ? ]
* [?]Did I Remember ? - Walter Donaldson & Johnny Mercer - Lyrics      [Billie Holiday (1936)]
[?] Did You Ever See A Dream Walking ? H Revel & M Gordon       [Bing Crosby!; Al Bowlly; Skinny Ennis]
[?] Dinner For One, Please James - ?       [ ? ]
* [?] Dixie Roadside Diner, (At A) - E Leslie & Johnny Burke       [#Ivy Anderson]
[93] Do Nothing 'Til You Hear From Me - Duke Ellington       [Al Hibbler; Billy Eckstine; Billie Holiday; June Christy]
* [183] Don't Be That Way, (Please) - Benny Goodman & Mitchell Parish     [#Ella; #Teddy Wilson; #Ella & Louis (1957); #Bing Crosby; #Stacey Kent; Mildren Bailey ]
[38] Don't Blame Me - Jimmy McHugh & Dorothy Fields       [Ben Webster; Sarah Vaughan (1947); Nat Cole]
[?] Don't Do Something To Somebody Else - ?       [Kay Starr]
*[253] Don't Explain - Billy Holiday & A Herzog       [Billie Holiday; Nina Simone]
[104] Don't Get Around Much Anymore - Duke Ellington       [Al Hibbler; Mel Torme; Billy Eckstine]
[832] Don't Go To Strangers - ?       [Mildred Bailey]
[521] Don't Take Your Love From Me - ?       [Keeley Smith]
** [177] Don't Worry 'Bout Me - Rube Bloom & Ted Koehler - Lyrics      [#Billie Holiday; Sarah Vaughan (1946); Helen Humes; vera Lynn; Kay Starr; Django Reinhart; #Norman Luboff]
[?] Down By The River - Richard Rodgers & Lorenz Hart       [Bing Crosby]      (N - 1946)
*[687] Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans? - Alter & DeLange       [Louis Armstrong and All Stars (1956 - Chicago); Louis and Billie Holiday]
[442] Dream - Johnny Mercer - Lyrics       [Jo Stafford; Ella; Frank Sinatra; #Geo Shearing]
[?] Dream A Little Dream Of Me - Gus Kahn et al       [#Ella & Louis; Ella & Basie; Laura Fygi]      (N - 1950)
[?] Drinking Again, (I'm) - see under 'I'
[566] Drop Me Off At Harlem - Duke Ellington & Nick Kenny       [Ella & Duke Ellington]


** [389] Early Autumn - Ralph Burns, Woody Herman & J Mercer      [Ella; Sarah; #Billy Eckstine**; #Geo Shearing & Stan Getz; #John Pizzarelli]
* [125] East Of The Sun - Brooks Bowman      [#Sarah Vaughan (1944; 1950) #Geo Shearing; Keeley Smith; Lee Wiley; #Earl Bostic; #Ruby Braff; #Scott Hamilton]
Easy Come, Easy Go - Johnny Green & Edw Heyman       [#Al Bowlly]
* [80] Easy Living - Leo Robin & Ralph Rainger - Lyrics      [Billie; Dinah Washington; Rosemary Clooney; Peggy Lee; #Johnny Hartman]
[?] Easy Street - Isham Jones       [Dick Van Dyke; June Christy]
[122] Easy To Love, (You'd Be So) - Cole Porter       [Billie; Sarah; Diane Schurr; #Geo Shearing]
[?] Empty Seat, (The) - Duke Ellington       [Duke's Orch (ca 1998 - Lake CD)]
[?] Endlessly - ?       [Brook Benton]      (N - 1953)
[?] Evalina - Harold Arlen & Yip Harburg       [#Mildred Bailey]
[507] Everybody Loves My Baby - ?       [ ? ]
[ ? ] Every Day I Fall In Love - ?       [Billy Ekstine & Sarah Vaughan]
[ ? ] Every Night About This Time - J Monaco & T Koehler       [Ink Spots; #Maxine Daniels]
[102] Everything Happens To Me - Mat Dennis & Tom Adair      [Ella; Clare Martin; Frank Sinatra; Rosemary Clooney]
[579] Everything I Have Is Yours - Burton Lane & H Adamson       [Al Bowlly; Billy Eckstine; Sarah Vaughan (1949)]
[220] Every Time We Say Goodbye - Cole Porter      [Ella Fitzgerald]
[113] Exactly Like You - Jimmy Mc Hugh & Dorothy Fields (1930)      [Lester Young; Nat Cole; #Rebecca Kilgore] ........................................................................................................................................................................


* [?] Fancy Our Meeting - Mayer, Garig & Furber       [#Al Bowlly; Jack Buchanan]
[427] Fine Romance, (A) - Rodgers & Hart       [Ella Fitzgerald; Billie Holiday; #Stacey Kent]
[?] Firefly - ?       [Tony Bennett]
[146] Flamingo - Grouya & Anderson       [#Duke/Herb Jeffries; Carmen McRae/Ben Webster; #Earl Bostic]
* [352] Fly Me To The Moon - ?       [Frank Sinatra; #Nat Cole (who desrves ** on this; perfection!]
[88] Foggy Day, (A) - Geo & Ira Gershwin       [Ella & Louis; Frank Sinatra; #Geo Shearring; #Chris Connor; Dinah Washington; Mel Torme]
[471] Folks Who Live On The Hill, (The) - ?       [Peggy Lee]
[460] Fools Rush In - Rube Bloom & Johnny Mercer       [Anne Shelton; Billy Eckstine; Frank Sinatra; Keely Smith]
[111] For All We Know - ?       [Billie Holiday; Ethel Ennis; Maxine Daniels (perfection) ; Nat Cole; June Christy; #Ben Webster]
[863] For Sentimental Reasons - Deek Watson & Bill Best       [Nat Cole; Natalie Cole]
[723] For You, For Me, For Evermore - Geo & Ira Gershwin       [Ella Fitzgerald; Morgana King (1956)]
[?] Frazier - Johnny Mercer       [Carol Sloane]
[438] Frenesi - Dominguez, Charles & Bob Russell       [Artie Shaw; Mel Torme]
[[?] From This Day Forward - ?       [Frank Sinatra (1946)] (K.L.B.)
[?] Funny - Prince, Neil & Broughton       [#Nat Cole] ...........................................................................................................................................................................


[?] Garden In The Rain, (T'Was Just A) - ?       [Sarah Vaughan]
[44] Georgia On My Mind - Hoagy Carmichael & S Gorrell (1930)      [Billie Holiday; Matt Munro; Ray Charles (1960) ]
[410] Get Out Of Town - Cole Porter       [Ella; Tony Bennett; Jeri Southern]
[?] Getting Sentimental Over You - ?       [Tommy Dorsey]
[?] Getting Some Fun Out Of Life - E Leslie & Johnny Burke       [#Billie Holiday]
[?] Gentleman Is A Dope, (The) - Rodgers & Hammerstein       [Sarah Vaughan]
[66] Ghost Of A Chance, (A) - V Young & N Washington      [Lee Wiley; Sarah Vaughan (1947); MJQ]
[479] Girl From Ipanema, (The) - Juan Carlos Jobim & De Moraes       [Stan Getz]
[?] Give Me Something To Remember You By - Arthur Schwartz & Howard Dietz       [ ? }
[825] Glad To Be Unhappy - Rodgers & Hart       [Lee Wiley]
** Glamorous Night - Ivor Novello       [Not Jazz]     [Suzanne Murphy; Mary Ellis; Moira Anderson; Vanessa Lee]
[?] Glow Worm - Linke, J Mercer & Robinson       [#Johnny Mercer]
[143] Gone With The Wind - Wrubel & Magidson      [Martha Raye; #Billie Holiday; Matt Munro; #Vic Damone; #Chris Connor; Mel Torme]     (N - 1947)
* [316] Good Morning, Heartache - Irene Wilson, vernon Drake & Dan Fisher - Lyrics       [#Billie Holiday - 1st version;]
* [743] Goodnight, My Love - Harry Revel & Mack Gordon       [Sarah Vaughan ** (1950); Bobby Hackett]
[?] Goodnight Vienna - ?       [Al Bowlly]
[?] Goodnight Sweetheart - Ray Noble, Campbell & Connelly       [Bing Crosby; #Al Bowlly]
[25] Green Dolphin Street - Bron Kaper & Ned Washington       [George Shearing & Nancy Wilson; Miles Davis & John Coltrane]
* [745] Green Eyes - N Menendez, E Rivera & E Woods       [#Helen O'Connell; #Tommy Dorsey; #Steve Lawrence; #Jimmy Dorsey]      (N - 1947)
[?] Guess Who I Saw Today ? - Boyd & Grant       [Laura Fygi; Nancy Wilson] .............................................................................................................................................................


[721] Happiness Is Just A Thing Called Joe - ?       [Maxine Daniels: Ethel Ennis *]
[880] Haunted Heart, (My) - Arthur Schwartz & Howard Dietz       [ ? ]
[222] Have You Met Miss Jones ? - Rodgers & Hart       [Mel Torme; Art Tatum/Ben Webster - Group Masters-vol 8]
[?] Heaven Help This Heart Of Mine - ?       [ ? ]
[?] He Need Me - ?       [Peggy Lee]
[100] Here's That Rainy Day - J V Heusen & J Burke      [Rosemary Clooney; Wes Montgomery; Mel Torme; Nancy Wilson; #Ella]
[?] Here's To My Lady - Rube Bloom & Johnny Mercer       [Nat Cole]
[?] Here's What I'm Here For - Harold Arlen & Ira Gershwin       [Herb Geller; John Williams]
[192] He's/She's Funny That Way - Rd Whiting & L Moret       [Bilie Holiday (1944)]
* [?] Hey There - Larry Adler & Billy Rose       [#Rosemary Clooney & Buddy Cole (2:57); Sammy Davis Jnr; Beegie Adair]
[15] Honeysuckle Rose - Fats Waller & Andy Razaf       [Anita O'Day]
* [?] Hooray For Hollywood - Richard Whiting & Johnny Mercer       [Rosemary Clooney]
[?] House Is Not A Home, (A) - ?       [Bill Evans]
[450] How About You ? - Burton Lane & Arthur Freed       [Frank Sinatra; Others)
[690] How Come You Do Me Like You Do? - ?       [Eddy Condon & All Stars]
[552] How Insensitive - Jobim & V de Moraes       [Stan Getz/Jobim; Frank Sinatra]
[?] How Little We Know - Hoagy Carmichael & Johnny Mercer       [Matt Munro; Carmen McRae; Carol Kidd]
[213] How Long Has This Been Going On? - Geo/Ira Gershwin       [Stan Getz; Ella; Diane Schuur]
[?] How's Chances ? - Irving Berlin       [ ? ]
[?] Hundred Years From Today, A - V Young & N Washington      [#Jack Teagarden; #;Sarah Vaughan (1946); #Ethel Waters; #Frank Sinatra; #;Lee Wiley; Dawn Lambeth] ..........................................................................................


[?] * I Apologise - Hoffman, Goodman & Nelson       [#Billy Eckstine **]
[?] I Can Dream, Can't I ? - ?       [#Meredith D'Ambrosio]
[166] I Can't Believe...In Love With Me - Mc Hugh & Gaskill       [#Billie Holiday; Mel Torme; #Helen OveConnell; #Artie Shaw; #Eddie South]
[?] I Canvet Escape From You - Richard Whiting & Leo Robin       [Bing Crosby; Carmen McRae] [A lovely new number for me yet introduced by Bing in 1936 !]
[5] I Can't Get Started - vernon Duke & Ira Gershwin       [#Bunnie Berigan**; #Carmen McRae (1955)*; Billie Holiday; Sarah Vaughan (1947 - x2)]
[162] I Can't Give...Anything But Love - McHugh & Fields       [#Al Bowlly; Billie Holiday; #Ella]
[?] I Couldn't Sleep A Wink Last Night - ?       [Frank Sinatra]
[455] I Could Write A Book, (If...) - Rodgers & Hart       [ ? ]
[50] I Cover The Waterfront - Johnny Green & Edw Heyman      [#Billie Hoilday; Anita O'Day; Sarah Vaughan (1947)]
[245] I Cried For You - A Luman, Gus Arnheim & A Freed     [#Kay Starr; #Sarah Vaughan (1949); Billie Holiday]
[500] *** I Didn't Know About You - Duke Ellington & Bob Russell - Lyrics   [#Mildred Bailey; #Annie Ross; #June Christy (My favorite version of this excellent song); Karen Allison; Ella; Patti Page; #Maxine Sullivan; Ben Webster &/or Johnny Hodges (perfection!)] (Originally, called veHomeve)
[82] I Didn't Know What Time It Was - Rodgers & Hart      [Stan Getz; #Anita OveDay; June Christry]
[66] I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance - V Young, N Washington & Bing Crosby       [Bing; Sarah; #Billie]
* [?] I Don't Want To Cry Anymore - ?       [Billie Holiday]
[?] I Don't Want To Walk Without You - ?       [ ? ]
[?] I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire - Durham...       [Don Estelle]
*[?] I Double Dare You - ?       [Louis Armstrong]
[300] I Fall In Love Too Easily - Jule Styne & Sammy Cahn       [Chet Baker; Others]
[?] I Fall In Love With You Everyday - ?      [Maxine Daniels]
**[491] If Dreams Come True - ?       [Peggy Lee/Geo Shearing; #Ella; Bobby Hackett (1938); Nancy Wilson]
[?] If Ever I Would Leave You - ?       [Robert Goulet; Beegie Adair; Nancy Wilson; Vic Damone; Mel Torme]
[155] If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight - ?       [Jack Teagarden; Kay Starr]
[?] If I Didn't Care - J Lawrence       [Ink Spots]      (N - 1944]
[65] If I Had You - Shapiro & Campbell       [Sarah Vaughan; Diana Krall; Lynn Roberts]
** [?] If Love Were All - Noel Coward     Lyrics      [Joyce Grenfell; Barbara Cook; Carmen McRae; Bobby Short; Judy Garland; Claire Martin; Molly Watson]
[78] I Found A New Baby - S William & J Palmer      [Ethel Waters; Billie Holiday/Teddy Wilson]
[?] If He/She Walked Into My Life Today - Jerry Hermann       [....Robinson - UK Sax player on Hep; Others]
[?] If There Is Someone Lovelier Than You - A Schwartz & H Dietz       [Dick Haymes]
[?] If We Never Meet Again - ?       [Louis Armstrong]
[?] If You Can Dream - ?       [Lena Horne]
* [127] If You Could See Me Now - Tadd Dameron & Carl Sigman      [#Billy Eckstine; #Sarah Vaughan (1946); Mel Torme; Alan Barnes; others]
[?] If You Should Ever Need Me - Al Dubin & Johnny Burke       [Bing Crosby; Others]
* [?] If You Were Mine - Matty Malneck & Johny Mercer - Lyrics       [#Billie Holiday (1935)]
[?] If You Were The Only Girl In The World - Ayer & ?       [Geo Shearing]
[661] I Get Along Without You very Well - Hoagy Carmichael       [#Billie Holiday; #Matt Munro; Chet Baker]
[487] I Got A Crush On You - George & Ira Gershwin       [Ella Fitzgerald; Sarah Vaughan; Beegie Adair; Frank Sinatra]
[61] I Got It Bad And...Good - Duke & Paul Webster      [Helen Humes; #Ivy Anderson; Billy Eckstine; #Jane Monheit]
[?] I Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry - Jule Styne & Sam. Cahn       [Rosemary Clooney/Count Basie]
[753] I Guess I'll Have to Change My Plans - A Schwartz & H Dietz      [Jack Teagarden/Bobby Hackett]
[?] I Guess I'll Have To Dream The Rest - Stoner, Block & Green      [Frank Sinatra]
[?] I Guess It Was You All The Time - H Carmichael & J Mercer      [Matt Munro]
[286] I Hadn't Anyone But You - Ray Noble     [Ella; Sarah; Billie Holiday (1955); Mel Torme; Frank Sinatra; #Helen Forest]
[?] I Had The Craziest Dream - Harry Warren & ?       [vera Lynn]
[227] I Hear A Rhapsody - ?       [ ? ]
[414] I Hear Music - Frank Loesser & Burton Lane      (Peggy Lee; others]
[152] I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart - Duke, Redmond & Mills       [Al Hibbler, Billy Eckstine; Connie Boswell]
[?] I'll Always Remember You - McDonald & Hoffman       [Nat Cole]
[272] I'll Be Around - Alec Wilder       [Frank Sinatra; Anne Shelton; #Rebecca Kilgore]
[453] I'll Be Seeing You - Sammy Fain & Irving Kahal       [#Anne Shelton; Billie Holiday; #Mel Torme]
[?] I'll Build A Stairway To The Stars - ?       [Ella Fitzgerald]
[?] I'll Buy That Dream - ?       [#Dick Haymes & Kitty Callen]
[865] I'll Close My Eyes - B Kaye & B Reid      [Peggy Lee; Dinah Washington; Diane Schuur; #Anne Shelton]
* [?] I'll Follow My Secret Heart - Noel Coward       [Frank Sinatra; Noel]
[531] I'll Get By - F Ahlert & R Turk       [Dick Haymes; Mildred Bailey; #Billie Holiday]
[?] I'll Go My Way - By Myself - Arthue Schwartz & Howard Dietz       [ ? ] (Possibly called just veBy Myselfve?)
[?] I'll Go My Way, You Go Yours - Johnny Mercer       [Johnny Mercer; Margaret Whiting]
[?] I'll Know - Frank Loesser       [Sarah Vaughan (1950); Barbra Streisand]
* [210] I'll Never Be The Same - Malneck, Kahn & Signorelli       [Billie; Ella; Sarah; Mildred; Ernestine Anderson]
[?] I'll Never Say 'Never Again', Again - Harry Woods       [Nat Cole; Al Bowlly; Lynn Roberts]
[?] I'll Never Fall In Love Again - H David & Burt Bacharach       [Johnny Mathis]
[428] I'll Never Smile Again - Ruth Lowe       [Geo Shearing; Anne Shelton; Frank Sinatra; #Billie; #Joe Williams
* [29] I'll Remember April - Pat Johnston, Gene DePaul & D Raye       [Carmen McRae; #Frank Sinatra; #Geo Shearing; Singers Unlimited]      (N - 1951)
[?] I'll See You Again - Noel Coward       [Noel Coward]
[437] I'll See You In My Dreams - Isham Jones & Gus Kahn       [Billie Holiday/Teddy Wilson]
[844] I'll String Along With You - Harry Warren & Al Dubin       [Al Bowlly; Don Estelle; Maxine Sullivan]
[672] I'll Take Romance - Ben Oakland & Oscar Hammerstein      [June Christy; Edie Gorme*]
[234] Ill Wind - Harold Arlen       [Adelade Hall]
[ ? ] I Love The Guy - ?      [Sarah Vaughan (1950)
* [270] I Loves You, Porgy - Geo Gershwin & Dubois Heyward       [Ella; Nina Simone; Bill Evans; #Billike]
[863] I Love You, For Sentimental Reasons - D Watson & W West       [Nat Cole; Laura Fygi]
[?] I'm A Dreamer, Aren't We All - Henderson, Brown & DeSylva      [Carmen McRae (**); Michael Feinstein; Daryl Sherman #; John Coltrane; Annette Hanshaw]
[319] I'm A Fool To Want You - ?       [Billy Eckstine; Others]
[?] I Married An Angel - ?       [Skinny Ennis; Others]      (N - 1939)
[?] I'm A Sentimental One - ?       [Jean Campbell; who else ?]
[229] I'm Beginning To See The Light - Duke Ellington, Harry James et al       [Al Hibbler, Billy Eckstine, Joe Williams; Various bands]
[226] I'm Coming Virginia - D Heywood & W Cook       [Bix Beiderbeck; Billie Holiday; Stephen Grappelli; Artie Shaw; Bing Crosby; Bunny Berigan; Ethel Waters (with verse); Nancy Wilson (also with verse); Benny Carter (with Anita Holbrook); Fats Waller ]
[258] I'm Confessin' - Dougherty & Reynolds       [Kay Starr; Others]
[686] Ivem Crazy veBout My Baby - ?       Hannah Richardson (on CD veSomething To Reemember You Byve)
[?] Ivem Crazy To Love You - ?       [Sarah Vaughan]
* [?] (I'm) Drinking Again - Doris Tauber & Johnny Mercer - Lyrics      [Frank Sinatra**; Dinah Washington]
[?] I'm Getting Sentimental Over You - Bassman & N Washington      [Mel Torme; Helen Forest; #Duke Ellington]
[357] I'm Glad There Is You - Jimmy Dorsey & Paul Madiera      [#Sarah; Ella; Lynn Roberts; #Julie London; #Lena Horne; #Stan Getz]
[?] I'm Here - Stephen Sondheim       [Carole Burnett]
[195] I'm In The Mood For Love - Jimmy McHugh & Dorothy Fields       [Freddie Gardner; Errol Garner; Maxine Daniels]
[?] I'm Playing With Fire - Irving Berlin       [Bing Crosby]
** [?] I'm Sincerely Yours - Rodgers & Hart       [Rosemary Clooney with Nelson Riddle]
[?] I'm Sorry - ?       [Nelson Riddle; ?Sarah Vaughan]      (N - 1952)
[?] I'm Thrilled - Sidney Lipman & Sylvia Dee       [June Christy]
* [636] I'm Through With Love - Malneck, Kahn & Livingston       [#Bing Crosby; Sarah Vaughan (1946); Ella; #Coleman Hawkins; #Diana Krall; #Jane Monheit; #Joni James]
* [?] I'm Travellin' Light - Munday, Young & J Mercer       [Billie Holiday (ca 1952); Ella Fitzgerald]
[564] I Must Have That Man - ?       [ ? ]
[140] In A Mellow Tone - Duke Ellington       [Duke & Orch; Kenny Burrell; Others]
** [19] In A Sentimental Mood - Duke Ellington & Irving Mills       [Sarah Vaughan; #Ben Webster; #Johnny Smith; #;Roland Hanna; #Winston Marsalis; #; Ella Fitzgerald; Nancy Wilson; Beegie Adair
[?] Indian Summer - Victor Herbert & Al Dubin       [Frank Sinatra; Lee Konitz]
[?] I Never Felt This Way Before - Duke Ellington & Al Dubin      [ ? ]
[303] I Never Knew - T FioRito & Gus Kahn       [Mildred Bailey]
[?] I Never Had A Chance - ?       [Ella Fitzgerald; Anita O'Day]
[?] I Never Mention His Name - Kent, Davis & George       [Anne Shelton]
[?] In Love In Vain - ?       [Sarah Vaughan]
[?] In The Middle Of A Kiss - Sam Coslow & Arthur Johnston [Dorothy Carless]
[?] In My Little Red Book - Stillman, Block & Simon       [vera Lynn]
[?] In The Still Of The Night - ?      [Billy Eckstine]
[252] Invitation (Theme) - B Kaper & Paul Webster       [Carmen McRae; Others]
[191] I Only Have Eyes For You - Harry Warren & Al Dubin       [Freddie Gardner; Maxine Sullivan]
[?] I Poured My Heart Into A Song - Irving Berlin       [Helen Forest; Adelaide Hall]
[116] I Remember You - Victor Schertzinger & Johnny Mercer - Lyrics       [Ella; Rosemary Clooney; Chet Baker]
[?] I Remember The Cornfields - Ralton & Mayne       [Anne Shelton; Ethel Ennis *(with verse!)]
[902] I See Your Face Before Me - A Schwartz &H; Dietz       [#Joanie Summers]
[47] I Should Care - Paul Weston, Alex Stordahl & Sammy Cahn [#June Christy; #Tommy Dorsey]
[?] I Should Have Known - ?       [Don Estelle*]
** [?] Isn't It A Pity? - Geo & Ira Gershwin - Lyrics       [Ella Fitzgerald; Sarah Vaughan; Shirley Horn; Rosemary Clooney; Michael Feinstein; Mel Torme]
* [?] Isn't It Heavenly? - Otto Meyer & Yip Harburg       [Al Bowlly]
[337] Isn't It Romantic? - ?      [Edie Gorme; June Christy]
[?] Isn't This A Lovely Day? - Irving Berlin       [Ella & Louis; Stacey Kent]
* [?] Is That All There Is? - ?       [Peggy Lee]
[95] I Surrender Dear - Harry Barris & D Clifford      [Bing Crosby]
[420] It Ain't Necessarily So - Geo & Ira Gershwin       [Ella & Louis]
* [?] It All Comes Back To Me Now - Kramer, Zaret & Whitney -
Lyrics       [#Mildred Bailey; #Tommy Dorsey; Hal Kemp Orch with Bob Allen; ]      (N - 1944)
[937] It All Depends On You - ?       [Frank Sinatra]
[60] It Could Happen To You - ?       [June Christy]
[84] It Don't Mean A Thing... - Duke Ellington       [Ella; Others]
[361] It Had To Be You - Isham Jones & Gus Kahn       [Ella Logan/Adrian Rollini; Vic Damone; #Bobby Hackett; Elizabeth Welch]
[?] It Happened In Monterey - Wayne & Rose       [Frank Sinatra]
** [108] I Thought About You - Jimmy Van Heusen & J Mercer - Lyrics      [Ella; Billie; Frank Sinatra; #Mildred Bailey; #Diana Krall]
[?] It Might As Well Be Spring - ?       [Sarah Vaughan (1950); others]
* [?] It Must Be True - Harry Barris & Gus Arnheim - Lyrics       [Bing Crosby]     (N - 1938)
* [181] It Never Entered My Mind - Rodgers & Hart      [Sarah; Rosemary; June; Scott Hamilton; Miles; Susanna McCorkle]
[676] Itves A Blue World - ?       [Frank Sinatra; Mel Torme; Julie London; Ella; Warren Vache]
[?] It's A Lazy Afternoon - ?Burton Lane; ?Johnny Mercer       [Jan Eberle ]
[?] It's All Forgotten Now - ?       [Al Bowly]
[?] It's All In The Game - ?       [Tommy Edwards]
[?] It's All Over - Albert Von Tiltzer       [Nat Cole]
[?] It's Always You - Jimmy Van Heusen & Johnny Burke      [Chet Baker]
[?] It's A Pity to Say Goodnight - Billy Reid       [Ella Fitzgerald]
[?] It's A Women's World - ?       [The Four Aces] (N - 1954]
[ ? ] Itves Easy To Remember - ?      Sarah Vaughan (1954) * [?] It Shouldn't Happen To A Dream - Duke Ellington & Don George       [Sarah Vaughan (1955)**; Anita O'Day; Huston Person; Johnny Hodges (1947) & with Wild Bill Davis (?later); Duke Ellington (with male vocalist - 1946/7 & 1953); Lucky Thompson with Dick Haymes or Bob Eberly?; Carmen McRae; Dinah Washington]
[255] It's The Talk Of The Town - ?      [Dick Todd* (sounds more like Crosby than Crosby!); #Kay Starr; Others]
[372] It's You Or No One For Me - ?       [Sarah Vaughan (1947)]
** [?] I Understand - Kim Gannon & Mabel Wayne       [Sarah Vaughan; Jimmy Dorsey with Bob Eberly**; Nat Cole; Mel Torme; Keeley Smith; Others] (N** - 1950s)
* [487] I've Got A Crush On You - Geo & Ira Gershwin       [Lee Wiley; Frank Sinatra; #Julie London; Sarah Vaughan (1946)]
[?] I've Got A Date With A Dream - ?       [Billie Holiday (1938)]
[702] I've Got A Feeling I'm Falling - Fats Waller & Billy Rose       [Mel Torme]
[528] Iveve Got A Right To Sing The Blues - Harold Arlen & Ted Koehler       [Jack Teagarden; Maxine Daniels; Louis Armstrong; Billie Holiday; Many others]
[61] I've Got It Bad And That Ain't Good - Duke Ellington       [Ella Fitzgerald; Billy Eckstine]
[184] I've Got The World On A String - Harold Arlen & Ted Koehler       [Bing Crosby]
[160] I've Got You Under My Skin - Rodgers & Hart       [Frank Sinatra]
[?] I Walk With Music - ? & Johnnny Mercer       [ ]
[?] I Wanna Little Girl - ?       [Louis Armstrong; Billy Eckstine]
[?] I Wanna Be Loved - Johny Green; Edw Heyman & Billy Rose [Billy Eckstine]
* [386] I Wished On The Moon - ? & Dorothy Parker - Lyrics      [Bing Crosby; Billie Holiday (ca 1930s; also 1955); Rosemary Clooney; #; Mel Torme (**); June Christy; Ella Fitzgerald (later version - with violins); Tony Bennett; Dave McKenna]
** [312] I Wish I Knew - ? - Lyrics        [Dick Haymes]
** [984] I Wish You Love - George Trenet & ?       [Keeley Smith; #Nancy Wilson; #June Christy; #Frank Sinatr; #vera Lynn; #Gloria Lynne; Blossom Dearie*]
[?] I Won't Send Roses - Jerry Herman       [#Robert Preston*]


[?] JveAttendrai - Poterat & Olivier       [Jean Sablon]
[308] Jeepers Creepers - ?       [Louis Armstrong; Mel Torme]
[?] June In January - Ralph Rainger & Leo Robin       [Bing Crosby]      (N - 1946)
[583] Just A Gigalo - J Brammer & L Casucci       [Bing Crosby; Wild Bill Davis with Violin]      (N - 1946)
[?] Just A Mood (US) - Teddy Wilson       [Harry James/Teddy Wilson]
** [85] Just Friends - S Lewis & J Klenner       [#Sarah Vaughan (1949)**; Tony Bennett; Chet Baker; #Frank Sinatra]
[230] Just In Time - Jule Styne, Betty Comden & Adolphe Green      [Sarah Vaughan; Frank Sinatra; Mel Torme)      (N - 1958)
[?] Just Let Me Look At You - Jerome Kern & Betty Fields       [#Al Bowlly]
* [?] Just One More Chance - Sam Coslow & Arthur Johnston - Lyrics       [#Bing Crosby]
[74] Just One Of Those Things, (It Was) - Cole Porter      [Ella; Sarah; Frank; Carmen]
[90] Just You, Just Me - Greer & Klages      [Lester Young; Nat Cole; King Pleasure]


** [378] Keeping Out Of Mischief Now - Fats Waller & Andy Razaf - Lyrics       [#Lee Wiley; #Maxine Sullivan; Kenny Baker & Geo Chisholm; Dinah Washington]
[?] Key Largo - Carter, Suessdorf & Worth       [Sarah Vaughan]
[?] Kiss The Boys Goodbye - V Schertzinger & Frank Loesser       [Anne Shelton]
[?] Kiss To Build A Dream On, (Give Me A) - ?       [Ella & Louis]      (N - 1949]


[530] Lamp Is Low (The) - ?       [ ]
[ ? ] Last Night, When We Were Young - H Arlen & Y Harburg       [Frank Sinatra; Judy Garland; Frankie Newton]
** [35] Laura - David Raksin & Johnny Mercer - Lyrics    [#Dick Haymes; Vic Damone; #Ella; #Billy Eckstine; Frank; Sidney Bechet; #Coleman Hawkins; #Errol Garner; #Geo Shearing; #Julie London; #Nat Cole; #Scott Hamilton ; Patricia Barber; Denis Solee*]
[643] Lazy Afternoon - #Bobby Hackett; Ernestine Anderson **]
[?] Lazy Bones - Hoagy Carmichael & Johnny Mercer       [Louis/Jack Teagarden; Johnny Mercer; Bing; Others]
[?] Lazy Mood, (Loves Got Me In A) - E Miller & Johnny Mercer       [Johnny Mercer]
[?] Learn To Croon - Sam Coslow & Arthur Johnston       [Al Bowlly; Bing Crosby]
[616] Let's Face The Music And Dance - ?       [ ? ]
[?] Let's Fly Away - ?       [Lee Wiley]
[?] Let's Get Away From Here - Heineken, Falone & Oland      [Laura Fygi]
[?] Let's Get Away From It All - ?       [ ? ]
[?] Let's Get Lost - Frank Loesser & Jimmy McHugh      [#Chet Baker; #Vaughan Munroe; #Joni James]
[147] Like Someone In Love - J Van Heusen & J Burke       [Ella/Stan Getz; Chet Baker; Carmen McRae]
[666] Linger Awhile - Harry Owens & Vincent Rose       [Sarah Vaughan (1953); Ben Webster]
* [?] Little Coquette - J Green, C Lombardo & G Kahn       [Billy Eckstine; Bob Crosby]
[?] Little Girl - Harold Arlen & ?       [Vic Damone/Others]
[124] Little Girl Blue - (See Amaroso)
[?] Lo and Behold - C Singleton, R Simon, M Lewis      [Carmen McRae]
[?] Lonely Town - ?       [Frank Sinatra; Blossom Dearie]
[?] Lorelei, (The) - Geo & Ira Gershwin       [Sarah Vaughan]
[?] Lost In A Fog - Jimmy McHugh & Betty Fields       [Ella]
[886] Lotus Blossom - Billy Strayhorn       [Duke Ellington; Michael Hashim]
[?] Love For Sale - ?       [Ethel Ennis]
[?] Love Is My Reason For Living - Ivor Novello       [ ? ]
* [?] Love Is Sweeping The Country - The Gershwins or Irving Berlin ? [Ella Fitzgerald]
[?] Love Is The Sweetest Thing - Ray Noble       [Al Bowlly]
[?] Love Me - Victor Young & Ned Washington       [Jack Teagarden]
[69] Lover, Come Back To Me - ?       [Billie Holiday]
[206] Love Me Or Leave Me - W Donaldson & Gus Kahn       [#Kay Starr; Peggy; Sarah Vaughan (1947); Billie Holiday; Jack Teagarden; #Helen Humes]
[?] Love's Got Me In A Crazy Mood - H Carmichael & J Mercer [ ? ]
[?] Love Thy Neighbour - Geo & Ira Gershwin       [Bing Crosby]
[201] Love Walked In - Geo & Ira Gershwin       [Sarah Vaughan; Ethel Ennis]
[153] Lullaby Of Birdland - Geo Shearing, & Geo Weiss       [Geo Shearing; #Sarah Vaughan; Mel Torme]
[251] Lullaby Of The Leaves - Petkere & Young       [Mel Torme; #Connie Boswell]
[36] Lush Life - Billy Strayhorn       [Nat Cole; Billy Eckstine; #Sarah Vaughan]


[110] Mack The Knife - Kurt Weill & ?        [#Louis Armstrong] [N - 1956]
[?] Mad About The Boy - Noel Coward        [Noel Coward; Judy Garland]
[890] Make Someone Happy - ?        [#June Christy]
[?] Make The Man Love Me - A Schwartz & D Fields       [ ? ]
[?] Man And A Woman, (A) - J Keller & P Barouk       [Johnny Mathis]
* [?] Mandy Is Two - Johnny Mercer        [Billie Holiday]
* [489] Manhattan - Richard Rodgers & Lorentz Hart        [Lee Wiley, Ella, Blossom Dearie]
[?] Manhattan Serenade - ?        [ ? ]
[18] Man I Love (The,) - Geo & Ira Gershwin        [Billie Holiday]
[860] Man Who Got Away, (The) - Harold Arlen & Ira Gershwin        [Judy Garland; Lorna Luft]
[?] March Winds And April Showers - Samuels & Powell        [There's a really Swinging version]
[838] Marie - Irving Berlin        [#Tommy Dorsey; Al Bowlly]
[864] Maybe Youvell Be There (And) - ?       [ ? ]
[75] Mean To Me - F Ahlert & R Turk        [#Sarah Vaughan (1945; 1950)); Billie Holiday; #Coleman Hawkins]
* [83] Memories of You - Eubie Blake & Andy Razaf (1930 - Blackbirds of)       [Louis Armstrog (1930); Frank Sinatra; Matt Munro; Benny Goodman; #Maxine Sullivan; #Rosemary Clooney]
* [?] Memphis In June - Hoagy Carmichael & Paul Webster        [#Matt Munro*; Johnny Mercer]
[?] Me, Myself And I - ?        [Billie Holiday]
[?] Merry Christmas - ?        [Peggy Lee] ("..and this song of mine, in 3/4 time..")
[325] Midnight Sun - Lionel Hampton & Johnny Mercer        [#June Christy; Ella Fitzgerald; #Nancy Wilson; #Diana Krall; #Geo Shearing ]
[?] Mine - ?        [ ? ]
[56] Misty - Errol Garner & Johnny Burke - Lyrics        [#Sarah Vaughan; #Ella; Billy Eckstine; #Errol Garner; #Chris Connor; #Bill Powell]
* [?] Mixed Emotions - ?        [Rosemary Clooney*; Sarah Vaughan; Ella Fitzgerald; Dinah Washington]
[161] Mood Indigo - Duke Ellington, Barney Bigard & Irving Mills (1930 - with original lyrics by Mitchell Parish)        [Duke Ellington: Others]
[?] Mood That I'm In (The,) - ?        [ ? ]
[128] Moonglow - Hudson, De Lange & Mills        [Artie Shaw; #Earl Bostic; #Morris Stoloff (with Picnic theme)]
[141] Moonlight In vermont - Blackburn & Suessdorf       [Margaret Whiting; Billy Eckstine; Stan Getz; Frank Sinatra; #Ella & Louis; #Carmen Mc Rae]
[882] Moonlight Serenade - ?        { ? ] [769] More - Oliviero        [Stephane Grappelly]
[318] More I see You, (The) - Harry Warren & Mack Gordon        [Maxine Daniels; Dick Haymes]
[72] More Than You Know - Vincent Youmans, Elescu & Billy Rose        [Lee Wiley; Ella; Barbra Steisand; Frank Sinatra; #Carmen McRae; #Jane Monheit; Mildred Bailey]
[?] Morning Glory - Duke Ellington & Rex Stewart        [Duke & Orch]
[?] Morning Star - ?        [ ? ]
[?] Mr Meadowlark - ? W. Donaldson & Johnny Mercer        [ ? ]
[?] Mr Sandman - ?        [#The Chordettes; #The Four Aces]     (N-1954)
[?] Music Maestro, Please ?       [ ? ]
[?] Music Stopped, (The) - ?        [Frank Sinatra; Others]
[?] My Devotion - Napton & Hillman        [Vaughan Munro; Others]     (N-1944)
[103] My Foolish Heart - Victor Young & Ned Washington        [Sarah Vaughan; #Billy Eckstine; Ethel Ennis]     (N-1950)
[6] My Funny Valentine - Rodgers & Hart        [Sarah Vaughan (1954); Miles Davis; Chet Baker]
[?] My Future Just Passed - Richard Whiting & ?        [Kay Starr; Carmen McRae]
[246] My Heart Stood Still - ?        [Jesise Matthews]
[379] My Ideal - Richard Whiting & Leo Robin       [Margaret Whiting; Dinah Washington*; Sue Rainey; Chet Baker; #Lee Wiley; Billy Butterfield]; Sarah Vaughan]     (N-1941)
[?] My Last Affair - ?        [ ? ]
[481] My Man's Gone Now - Geo & Ira Gershwin        [Ella & Louis; Bill Evans]
[101] My Old Flame - Sam Coslow & Arthur Johnston        [Billie Holiday]
[97] My One And Only Love - Mellin & Wood        [Sarah Vaughan (1954); June Christy; Stephane Grapelly; Art Tatum & Ben Webster (Excellent!)]
* [862] My Reverie - Larry Clinton (after Ravel)        [#Bea Wain (1944); ]     (N-1945)
[91] My Romance - Rodgers & Hart        [Ella; Al Bowlly]
* [292] My Ship - Kurt Weill & Ira Gershwin        [Gertrude lawrence; Lena Horne; June Christy; Ella Fitzgerald; Jeri Southern]
[746] My Silent Love - Suess & Edw Heyman        [Sarah Vaughan; Dick Haymes; Geo Shearing; Ann Shelton     (N-1950)

(End of Part One)

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Lyrics to the Songs listed in Part One

A Blosson Fell - by ............

A Blossom fell...from off a tree; it settled softly on the lips you turn to me.
The gypsies say and I know why - veA falling blossom only touches lips that lieve.
A blossom fell...and very soon, I saw you kissing someone new beneath the moon.
I thought you loved me; you said you loved me. We planned together, to dream forever.
The dream has ended, for true love died - the night a blossom fell and touched two lips that lied.

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Laura - by David Raksin and Johnny Mercer

Laura is the face in the misty light, footsteps that you hear down the hall,
The love that floats on a summerves night...that you can never quite recall;
And you see Laura on a train that is passing through; those eyes, how familiar they seem.
She gave your very first kiss to you - that was Laura, but sheves only a dream...

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Autumn In New York - by vernon Duke

Autumn in New York...Why does it seem so inviting?
Autumn in New York...It spells the thrill of vefirst-nightingve.
Glittering crowds and shimmering canyons of steel;
Theyvere making me feel - Ivem home.

Itves autumn in New York, that brings the promise of new love.
Autumn in New often mingled with pain.
Dreamers with empty hands..they sigh for exotic lands.
Itves autumn in New York; itves good to live it again.

Autumn in New York..the gleaming rooftops at sundown.
Oh, itves autumn in New lifts you up when youvere low down.
Yes, jaded roues and gay divorcees - who lunch at the Ritz
Will tell you that itves - divine.

This autumn in New York..transforms slums into Mayfair.
Oh, Autumn in New York...youvell need no castles in Spain.
And lovers who bless the dark, on benches in Central park
Greet autumn in New York; itves good to live it again.

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Misty - by Erroll Garner & Johnny Burke

Look at me, Ivem as helpless as a kitten up a tree.
And I feel like Ivem clinging to a cloud I canvet understand;
I get misty, just holding your hand.

Walk my way, and a thousand violins begin to play.
Or, it might be the sound of your hello, that music I hear;
I get misty, the moment youvere near.

Canvet you see that youvere leading me on?
And itves just what I want you to do.
Donvet you notice how hopelessly Ivem lost?
Thatves why Ivem following you.

On my own, when I wander through this wonderland alone,
Never knowing my right foot from my left; my hat from my glove,
Ivem too misty, and too much in love. Yes, too misty...and too much in love...

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As Time Goes By - by A Hupfeld

You must remember this - a kiss is still a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh.
The fundamental things apply - as time goes by.

And when two lovers woo, they still say veI love youve; on that you can rely -
No matter what the future brings, as time goes by.

Moonlight and love songs never out of date,
Hearts full of passion, jealousy and hate.
Woman needs man, and man must have his mate -
That no one can deny.

Itves still the same old story, a fight for love and glory,
A case of do or die.
The world will always welcome lovers - As time goes by.

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At Last - by Harry Warren & Mack Gordon

At last - my love has come along,
My lonely days are over, and life is like a song.
At last - the skies above are blue
My heart was wrapped in clover, the night I looked at you.

I found a dream that I can speak to; a dream that I can call my own.
I found a thrill to press my cheek to; a thrill Iveve never known.

You smiled, and then the spell was cast,
And here we are in heaven, for you are mine at last.

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Cherry - by Gilbert & Redman

Cherry, Cherry, you're hard to get; Cherry, Cherry, I'll get you yet.
Cherry, Cherry, don't you forget; Cherry, Cherry, you'll be my pet.
And when I do you'll find out - Just what love is all about

Oh, Cherry, Cherry, don't you forget; Cherry, Cherry, I'll get you yet.
Cherry, Cherry, I'll get you yet.

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Good Morning Heartache - by Irene Wilson, Ervin Drake & Dan Fisher

Good morning heartache, you old gloomy sight.
Good morning heartache, thought we said goodbye last night.
I turned and tossed until it seemed you had gone,
But here you are with the dawn.

Wish Ived forget you, but youvere here to stay.
It seems I met you when my love went away.
Now everyday I start by saying to you:
Good morning heartache, whatves new?

Stop haunting me now; canvet shake you no how.
Just leave me alone; Iveve got those Monday blues - straight through Sunday blues.

Good morning heartache, here we go again
Good morning heartache, youvere the one who knew me when.
Might as well get used to you - hanging around;
Good morning heartache - sit down.

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It All Comes Back To Me Now - by Kramer, Zaret & Whitney

It all comes back to me now -
A starry summer sky, a laughing you and I - alone.
It all comes back to me now -
A sea of midnight blue, your face uplifted to - my own.

We called it a thrill of the moment, and blamed the moon up above.
We didnvet know what the glow meant;
We never dreamed it might be love.

It all comes back to me now -
The love I threw away, and now each lonely night, I pray
That it will all come back to me - someday.

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I Wish I Knew - by ?

I wish I knew, someone like you could love me.
I wish I knew, you place no one above me.
Did I mistake this for a real romance?
I wish I knew, but only you can answer.

If you donvet care, why let me hope and pray so?
Donvet lead me on; if Ivem a fool, just say so.
Should I keep dreaming on or just forget you?
What shall I do, I wish I knew.

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Keepinve Out Of Mischief Now - by Fats Waller & Andy Razaf

Keepinve out of mischief now; really am in love and how.
Ivem through playinve with fire; itves you whom I desire.
All the world can plainly see, youvere the only one for me.
I have told them in advance, they canvet break up our romance.
Livinve up to every vow, keepinve out of mischief now.
Keepinve out of mischief now.

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Donvet Worry veBout Me - by Rube Bloom & Ted Koehler

Donvet worry vebout me, Ivell get along.
Forget about me, be happy my love.
Letves say that our little show is over and so - the story ends.
Why not call it a day, the sensible way
And still be friends?

Look out for yourself, should be the rule.
Give your heart and your love to whomever you love;
Donvet be a fool.
Darling, why should you cling to some fading thing that used to be?
If you can forget, donvet worry vebout me.

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Autumn Leaves - by Joseph Kosma & Johnny Mercer

The falling leaves drift by the window;
The autumn leaves of red and gold.
I see your lips, the summer kisses,
The sun-burned hands I used to hold.

Since you went away, the days grow long
And soon Ivell hear old winterves song.
But I miss you most of all, my darling
When autumn leaves start to fall.

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Ivem Drinking Again - by Doris Tauber & Johnny Mercer

                   1. As sung by Frank Sinatra:

Drinking again, and thinking of when - you loved me.
Ivem having a few, and wishing that you were here.
Making the rounds; accepting a round from strangers;
Being a fool, just hoping that youvell appear.

Sure, I can borrow a smoke; tell some joker a joke.
But nobody laughs; they donvet laugh at a broken heart.
Oh yeah, Ivem drinking again - itves always the same old story:
After the kicks, thereves little old mixed up me...
.Trying to lose - a dream that used to be.

                2. As sung by Dinah Washington:

Ooo, Itves almost two and Ivem sitting here wishing...that I could see you.
Thatves why Ivem drinking again, and thinking of when you
Ivem having a few, and wishing that you were here.
Ivem making the rounds, and buying the rounds - for strangers.
Yes, Ivem being a fool, just hoping that youvell appear.

. Sure I can borrow a smoke; maybe tell some joker a joke.
But whose going to laugh, whose going to laugh at a broken heart?
Thatves why its better...drinking again, and thinking of when you
Canvet you see Ivem trying to make it on home and ainvet got nothing but a memory.

Maybe I can borrow a smoke; maybe tell some joker..a joke
But, whose got the nerve, the nerve to laugh at my broken heart?
Thatves why its better drinking again, and thinking of when you left... me.
Ivem trying to make it up to home...with just a memory.

I know you heard me the first time - I said:
veIvem going to make it on home - and ainvet got nothing, nothing but a memoryve.

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Darn That Dream - by Jimmy Van Heusen & Edgar DeLange

Darn that dream I dream each night.
You say you love me and you hold me tight.
But when I awake youvere out of sight -
Oh, darn that dream.

Darn your lips and darn your eyes.
They lift me high above the moonlit skies.
Then I tumble out of paradise -
Oh, darn that dream.

Darn that one track mind of mine.
It canvet understand that you donvet care.
Just to change the mood Ivem in,
Ived welcome a nice old nightmare.

Darn that dream and bless it too.
Without that dream, I never would have you.
But it haunts me and it wonvet come true.
Oh, darn that dream.

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I Remember You - by Victor Schertzinger & Johnny Mercer

I remember you - youvere the one who made my dreams come true, a few...kisses ago.
I remember you - youvere the one who said I love you too, I do, didnvet you know?
I remember too..a distant bell, and stars that rain, out of the blue.
When my life is through, and the angels ask me to recall - the thrill of them all,
Then I shall tell them...I remember you.

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Dream - by Johnny Mercer

Dream, when youvere feeling blue.
Dream, thatves the thing to do.
Just watch the smoke rings rise in the air.
Youvell find your share of memories there.

So dream, when the day is through.
Dream, and they might come true.
Things never are as bad as they seem -
So dream, dream, dream.

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I Wished On The Moon - by Dorothy Parker & Ralph Rainger

I wished on the moon - for something I never knew.
Wished on the moon - for more than I ever knew.
A sweeter rose, a softer sky, an April day
That would not dance away.

I begged of the stars, to throw me a beam or two.
Wished on the stars - and asked for a dream or two.
I looked for every loveliness; it all came true.
I wished on the moon - for you.

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If You Were Mine - by Matty Malneck & Johnny Mercer

If you were mine, I could be a ruler of kings.
And if you were mine, I could do such wonderful things.
Ived say to a star - stop where you are; light up my loverves way.
And every star above you would obey.

Say...If you were mine, I would live for your love alone.
To kneel at your shrine, I would give up all that I own.
Yes, even my heart, even my life - Ived trade it all for you,
And think I was lucky too - If you were mine...

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I Didnvet Know About You - by Duke Ellington & Bob Russell

I went around with my own little crowd.
The usual laughs, not often but loud
And in the world that I knew - I didnvet know about you.

Chasing after the ring, on the merry-go-round.
Just taking my fun where it could be found
And yet what else could I do - I didnvet know about you.

Darling, now I know I had the loneliest yesterday...everyday.
In your arms I know for once in my life - Ivem living.

Had a good time every time I went out.
Romance was a thing I kidded about.
How could I know about love - I didnvet know about you.

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Did I Remember? - by Walter Donaldson & Johnny Mercer

Did I remember to tell you I adore you
And I am living for you, alone?
Did I remember to say Ivem lost without you
And just how mad about you, Iveve grown?

You were in my arms and that was all I knew.
We were alone, we two; what did I say to you?

Did I remember to tell you I adore you
And pray forevermore - youvere mine?

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Easy Living - by Ralph Rainger & Leo Robin

Living for you is easy living;
Itves easy to live when youvere in love
And Ivem so in love -
Thereves nothing in life but you.

I never regret - the years that Ivem giving,
Theyvere easy to give when youvere in love.
Ivem happy to do, whatever I do for you.

For you, maybe Ivem a fool - but itves fun.
People will say you rule me with one wave of your hand.
Darling, itves grand; they just donvet understand.

Living for you...(reprise 1st stanza)

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If Love Were All - by Noel Coward

1st verse [Note: Certain performers sing parts only of the verses - and in various orders.]

Life is very rough and tumble for a humble deserves
One can betray oneves troubles never - whatever occurs.

Night after night you have to look bright - whether youvere well or ill
People must have their fill; you mustnvet sleep till dawn comes creeping.

Though I never really grumble, lifeves a jumble indeed
And in my efforts to succeed, Iveve had to formulate a Creed:


I believe in doing what I can,
In crying when I must,
In laughing when I choose.
Hey Ho - If Love were all...
I should be lonely.

I believe the more you love a man,
The more you give your trust,
The more youvere bound to lose.
Although, when shadows fall, I think if only...
Somebody splendid really needed me ;
Someone affectionate and dear,
Cares would be ended if I knew that he
Wanted to

But I believe that since my life began...
The most Iveve had is just..a talent to amuse;
Hey Ho, If love were all.

2nd verse

Though Life buffets me obscenely, It serenely goes on
Although I question its conclusion, illusion is gone.

Frequently, I put a bit by - safe for a rainy day
Nobody here can say to what indeed
The years are leading

Though fate often treats me meanly,
I serenely pursue
A little mirage in the blue.
Determination helps me through.

[Note: This is usually followed by a

2nd Chorus - As 1st above.]

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I Thought About You - by Jimmy Van Heusen & Johnny Mercer

I took a trip on a train, and I thought about you.
I passed a shadowy lane, and I thought about you.
Two or three cars parked under the stars; a winding stream.
Moon shining down on, some little town...
And with each beam, the same old dream.

And every stop that we made...oh, I thought about you
And when I pulled down the shade, then I really felt blue.
I peaked through the crack and looked at the track...
The one going back to you.
And what did I do...I thought about you.

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It Must Be True - by Harry Barris & Gus Arnheim

Beside a shadey nook, a momentves bliss we took
To talk of love, beneath the stars above
I held your hand and whispered dear veI love you, I love you.

And though itves just a dream, an idle scheme of mine to win your heart
And yet it seemed divine - it must be true,
I am with you and you are mine, all mine.

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Just One More Chance - by Sam Coslow & Arthur Johnston


We spend our lives groping for happiness.
I found it once but tossed it aside.
I paid for it with hours of loneliness;
Iveve nothing to hide...Ived bury my pride for...

Just one more chance -
To prove itves you alone I care for.
Each night I say a little prayer for
Just one more chance.

Just one more night
To taste the kisses that enchant me;
Ived want no others if youved grant me...
Just one more chance.

Iveve learned the meaning of repentance.
Now youvere the jury at my trial.
I know that I should serve my sentence;
Still Ivem hoping all the while...
Youvell give me...

Just one more word.
I said that I was glad to start out,
But now Ivem back to cry my heart out
For just one more chance.

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Isnvet It A Pity - by George & Ira Gershwin

Itves a funny thing...I look at you, I get a thrill, I never knew.
Isnvet it a pity - we never met before?
Here we are at last. Itves like a dream,
The two of us, A perfect team.
Isnvet it a pity - We never met before ?
Imagine all the lonely years weveve wasted.
Me with the neighbors. You at silly labours.
What joys untasted. My nights were sour, spent with Schopenhauer.
Letves forget the past. Letves both agree
That Ivem for you...and youvere for me.
And itves such a pity - we never, never met before.

Imagine all the years weveve wasted.
Fishing for salmon. Losing at backgammon.
What joys untasted. Me at the Prado, You in Colorado.
Happiest of girls Ivem sure to be
If only you would say to me
That itves such a pity. We never met before.
What an awful pity We never, never met before.

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