Part Two - N to Z


[115} Nature Boy - ?        [Nat Cole; Alan Skidmore (on CD 'After The Rain'); Ella; Don McLean; Monica Zetterlund; Sarah Vaughan; Sran Getz; ]
[64] Nearness Of You, The - Hoagy Carmichael     [Ella/Louis; Sarah Vaughan (1949) (with verse); Dick Haymes; not Nancy Wilson; Glenn Miller and Ray Eberle; Matt Munro; Helen O'Connell; Bobby Hackett with Jackie Gleason; Julie London; Frank Sinatra; Vic Damone; others.]
[?] Never In A Million Years - Harry Revel & Mack Gordon        [Sarah Vaughan; Mildred Bailey; Alice Faye; Kenny Davern; Coleman Hawkins]
* [332] Never Let Me Go - ?       [Nat Cole**; Barbara Cook; Michael Hashim; Jane Monheit; Stacey Kent (backed by lovely piano); Dinah Washington; Nancy Wilson; Shirley Horn]
[158] Nice Work If You Can Get It - Geo & Ira Gershwin      [Sarah Vaughan; Rosemary Clooney; Billie Holiday; Diana Schuur; Maxine Sullivan; Nat Cole; June Christy; Mel Torme; Jeri Southern; Carmen McRae; Dick Haymes]
[33] Night And Day - Cole Porter       [Frank Sinatra; Billie Holiday (1939); Dick Haymes; Tony Bennettt; Lena Horne;]
[273] Night Has A Thousand Eyes, (The) - Brainin & Bernier       [Anne Shelton]
[804] Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square, (A) - Manning Sherwin & Eric Maschwitz       [Nat Cole; Rosemary Clooney]
[?] Night Is Young And You're So Beautiful, (The) -        [?Tony Martin; Others]     (N-1940)
[?] Night Song - ?        [Sarah Vaughan]
[445] Night We Called It A Day, (The) - Mat Dennis & Tom Adair        [June Christy]
[?] No One But You - Brodsky & Lawrence        [Billy Eckstine]
[970] Now It Can Be Told - Irving Berlin        [Al Bowlly; Sarah Vaughan; Billy Eckstine]
[504] Nuages (Clouds) - Django Reinhardt        [Stephane Grapelly; Others]


[?] Object Of My Affection, (The) - Poe, Grier & Tomlin        [Connie Boswell; Skinny Ennis]
[?] Oh, Look At Me Now - ?        [Lee Wiley]
[?] Oh, What A Night For Love - ?       [Ella Fitzgerald - ca 1962)
[180] Old Black Magic (That) - Harold Arlen & Johnny Merrcer       [Many great versions]
[?] Old Cape Cod - ?        [ ? ]
[242] Old Devil Moon - Burton Lane & Yip Harburg        [ ? ]
* [?] Old Ox Road, (The) - ? - Lyrics      [Bing Crosby]     (N-1946 - with beloved memories of Ken Burke)
[800] On A Clear Day - Burton Lane & Alan Lerner [Robert Goulay; Johnny Mathis]
[?] On A Little Street In Singapore - ?        [Ray Eberley & Glenn Miller]
[262] Once In A While - Johnny Green & Edw Heyman        [Sarah Vaughan (1947); Bing Crosby; Matt Munro]
[?] On Days Like These - ?      [Matt Munro]
[749] One For My Baby - Harold Arlen & Johnny Mercer - Lyrics       [Frank Sinatra; Billy Eckstine; Ella]
[737] One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else, (The) - Isham Jones & Gus Kahn       [Frank Sinatra; Matt Munro; Sarah Vaughan]
[?] One Morning In May - Hoagy Carmichael & Mitchell Parish        [Matt Munro; Mel Torme]
[?] One, Two, Button My Shoe - Johnston & Sonny Burke        [John Barnes (LAC CD 69]
25] On Green Dolphin Street - B Kaper & Ned Washington       [Dakota Statton; Sarah Vaughan; Nancy Wilson (with George Shearing)*]
[?] Only A Moment Ago - ?        [?Anne Shelton]     (N-ca 1950-54)
[?] On The Sentimental Side - Monaco & Johnny Burke        [Al Bowlly; Billie Holiday]
[?] Our Love Affair - Edens & Freed       [Rosemary Clooney; Dorothy Carless]
* [57] Our Love Is Here To Stay - George & Ira Gershwin - Lyrics      [Dick Haymes; Billie Holiday; Lynn Roberts; Nat Cole; Ella Logan (1939!)   (N-1953)    [Note: This was the last song written by George Gershwin, who died in 1937. With Ira, it was finished by Vernon Duke and introduced in 1938 by Kenny Baker in the film 'The Goldwyn Follies'. It made the charts that year in recordings by Larry Clinton and by Red Norvo. It was rarely heard again until used in the great 1951 classic 'American in Paris' with Gene Kelly, since when it has become a standard and is played constantly.]
[68] Out Of Nowhere - Johnny Green & Edw Heyman        [Bing Crosby; Lena Horne; Coleman Hawkins All Stars]
[434] Out Of This World, (You're Clear...) - Harold Arlen & Johnny Mercer?        [Ella; Sarah; others]


[?] Passing Strangers - Mitchell & Mann      [Sarah Vaughan & Billy Eckstine]
[?] Paradise - Billy Strayhorn        [Duke Ellington & Orch]
[?] Parchment Farm - Mose Allison        [Mose Allison]
[704] Party's Over, (The) - Jule Styne, Betty Camden & Adolphe Green       [Carmen McRae; Judy Holliday; Huston Person]
[?] Party's Over Now, (The) - Noel Coward        [Noel Coward; Joyce Grenfell]
[81] Pennies From Heaven - Arthur Johnston & Johnny Burke       [Bing Crosby; Billie Holiday]
[58] Perdido - Juan Tizol & Ervin Drake        [Sarah Vaughan (1950); Ella Fitzgerald; Mel Torme]
[885] Perfidia - Dominguez       [Mel Torme; Others]
[?] Pete Kelly's Blues (Theme) - ?        [ ? ]
[?] Pinky (Theme) - Alfred Newman       [Sarah Vaughan (1951) (wordless)]
[?] Please - Leo Robins & Ralph Rainger       [Bing Crosby; Al Bowlly]     (N-1946)
[697] * Please Be Kind - Saul Chaplin & Sammy Cahn - Lyrics        [Maxine Sullivan; Ella Fitzgerald; Peggy Lee; Sarah Vaughan; Mildred Bailey; June Christy; Carmen McRae; Frank Sinatra]
[?] * Pleasure Of Her Company, (The) - Alfred Newman & Sammy Cahn        [Vic Damone; his version worth **; really beautiful!]
[334] Poinciana - ?        [ ? ]     (N-1944)
[79] Polka Dots And Moonbeams - Van Heusen & Burke        [Many Jazz versions]
[196] * Poor Butterfly - Raymond Hubble & John Golden        [Sarah Vaughan]
[?] Poor Little Rich Girl - Noel Coward        [Judy Garland; Noel Coward]
[?] * Porgy, (I Loves You) - Geo Gershwin & Dubois Heyward       [Ella & Louis; Bill Evans]
[?] Prairie Moon, (Roll Along) - Fiorito, McPherson & Von Tiltzer       [Al Bowlly]
[46] * Prelude To A Kiss - Duke Ellington & Mack Gordon - Lyrics        [Mel Torme; Ella; Duke; Sarah; Eckstine; Diana Schuur; Alan Barnes]
[?] Pretty Girl/Gal - ?        [ ? ]
[670] Prisoner Of Love - ?       [Perry Como]     (N-1946)
{?] * Put Your Dreams Away - ?        [Frank Sinatra; Carol Kidd & Robt Farnon (on Linn)]
[?] P.S. I Love You - Gordon Jenkins & Johnny Mercer        [Rosemary Clooney; Susanna McCorkle]


[382] Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars (Corcovado) - Antonio Carlos Jobim & Gene Lees        [Stan Getz and Gilberto; Ella; Sarah; Frank Sinatra] ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………


[?] Racing With The Moon - ?        [Vaughan Munroe]     (N - 1945)
[?] Rain - ?        [Ella Fitzgerald and Joe Pass]
[?] Rainy Afternoon, (It's A) - Burton Lane       [Meredith D'Ambrosio; Others]
[?] Remember Me - Al Dubin & Harry Warren       [Al Bowlly]
[710] Robbin's Nest - ?       [ ? ]
[?] Room Five Hundred And Four - ?       [Dororhty Carless; Vera Lynn]
[?] Room With A View, A (1) - Noel Coward       [Noel Coward; Jessie Matthews; Carmen McRae*; Bobby Short]
[?] Room With A View, A (2) - ? [Julie London; Bobby Hackett*; Artie Shaw with Helen Forest; Glenn Miller; Billy Eckstine**] Note: (1) and (2) are quite different songs; both very nice.]
[199] Rose Room - ?      [Woody Herman]
[?] Roses Of Picardy - Wood & Weatherly       [George Shearing; Freddie Gardner]
[203] Rosetta - ?       [Female Swedish Sax Player]
[4] 'Round Midnight - Monk, Williams & Hanighen       [Sarah Vaughan; June Christy; Mel Torme*]
[?] Ruby - ?       {Beegie Adair; others]


[?] Sand In My Shoes - Victor Schertzinger & Frank Loesser       [Connie Boswell]
[45} Satin Doll - Duke Elington, Billy Strayhorn & Johny Mercer       [Duke; Johnny Mercer]
[?] Saturday Night Is The Loneliest… - Jule Styne & Sammy Cahn       [Frank Sinatra - 1944]
[?] Savoy - ?       [Judy Garland & Bob Crosby (1936!); Sarah Vaughan; Ella; Anita O'Day]
[639] Say It Isn't So - Irving Berlin       [Michael Feinstein; Sarah Vaughan; Etta Jones; Stacey Kent]
[?] Say It With A Kiss - Harry Warren & Johnny Mercer       [Billie Holiday]
[?] ** Say You'll Wait For Me - ?       [Sarah Vaughan (1952)**]      (N-1952)
[646] Second Time Around, (The) - Johnny Van Heuson & Johnny Mercer      [Johnny Hodges]
[?] Seems Like Old Times - ?       [Maxine Daniels]
[707] Send In The Clowns - Stephen Sondheim       [Johnny Mathis; Barbara Cook; Others]
[274] September In The Rain - Harry Warren & Al Dubin       [George Shearing; Sarah Vaughan; Maxine Sullivan]
[?] September Song - ?       [Sarah Vaughan (1946); Jimmy Durante ]

[693] * Serenade In Blue - ? (Great lyrics)       [Billy Eckstine; Vic Damone; Glenn Miller; Bobby Hackett; George Shearing; Dick Haymes; Ethel Ennis]
[?] Serenata - Leroy Anderson       [Sarah Vaughan]
[276] Shadow Of Your Smile, (The) - P Webster & Johnny Mandel      [Rosemary Clooney]
[?] Shall We Dance - Geo & Ira Gershwin       [Fred Astaire; Ella Ftzgerald ; Michael Feinstein] [There are a few haunting notes in this tune that are immediately trampled on - by the instruction 'to dance'.]
[192] She's Funny That Way - A Moret & Richard Whiting       [Billie Holiday]
[498] Shine - ?       [Bing Crosby; Louis Armstrong; (Note: The first song recorded by Frank Sinatra, as part of 'The Hoboken Four', on 'Major Bowles' talent show ca 1932.)
[421] Shiney Stockings - ?       [Ella; Leilah Dahlset; Karen Kreg; Claire Teal]
[?] Ship Without A Sail, (A) - Rodgers & Hart       [Lee Wiley; Ella]
[?] Singin' The Blues - Robinson, Conrad et al      [Bix Biederbeck]
[?] Single 'O' - Donald Kahn & Johnny Mercer       [Ella Fitzgerald]
[62] Skylark - Hoagy Carmichael & Johnny Mercer       [Ella; Rosemary; Billy Eckstine]
[?] Skyliner - Dale Bennett       [Carmen McRae (1955)*; Charlie Barnet]
[331] Sleepy Time Down South, (When It's) - ?       [Louis Armstrong]
[?] Slummin On Park Avenue - Irving Berlin       [Ella Fitzgerald] (Rarely heard)
[99] Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - Jerome Kern & Otto Harbach      [Billy Eckstine; Elsie Carlisle]
[?] Snibor - Duke Ellington & Billy Strayhorn       [Michael Hashim; Duke Ellington]
[?] So Danco Samba - Antonio Carlos Jobim & V De Moraes       [Stan Getz & A.C.J.]
[?] Soft Lights And Sweet Music - Irving Berlin      [Lee Wiley]
[132] Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise - S Romberg & O Hammerstein       [June Christy; Anita O'Day]
[136] Solitude - Duke Ellington & ?       [Duke with Coleman Hawkins; Others]
[?] Someday I'll Find You - Noel Coward       [Noel & Gertrude Lawrence]
[?] Someday My Heart Will Awake - Ivor Novello       [Vanessa Lee]
[364] * Someday, Sweetheart - J & B Spikes       [Mildred Bailey; Louis; Bing; Kay Starr; Muggsy Spanier]
[?] Someday You'll Be Sorry Dear - ?       [Louis Armstrong and Jack Teagarden]
[?] ** Somehow - Mort Maser       [Billy Eckstine]      (N - 1952-54)
[77] Someone To Watch Over Me - Geo & Ira Gershwin       [Michael Feinstein; Blossom Dearie; Rosemary Clooney; Don Estelle]
[632] ** Some Other Spring - Irene Wilson       [Billie Holiday; George Shearing; Scott Hamilton; Tony Bennett]
[?] Something Cool - Bill Barnes       [June Christy; Marlene Verplank; Jean Eldridge]
[439] ** Something To Live For, (I Want) - Duke Ellington & Billy Strayhorn       [Carmen McRae*** - her performance of this song (not easy to pitch exactly nor get timing spot on) is sheer perfection on both counts; faultless !!); Annie Ross; Lena Horne; Chris Connor]
[?] Something To Remember You By, (Please Give Me) - Arthur Schwartz & Howard Dietz       [ ? ]
[149] Sometimes I'm Happy - ?      [Sarah Vaughan with ?Count Basie or?]
[598] Song Is Ended, (The) - Jerome Kern (?)      [?Frank Sinatra] - Or……
[?] Song Is Ended But The Melody Lingers On, (The) - Irving Berlin       [Ella Fitzgerald; Ruby Braff]
[?] Song Of India, (The) - ?       [ ? ]
[381] Soon - Geo & Ira Gershwin       [Ella Fitzgerald; Sarah Vaughan]
[?] Soon Its Going to Rain - Tom Jones & Harvey Smith       [Mel Torme; Anita O'Day; George Shearing]
[31] Sophisticated Lady - Duke Ellington & Michell Parish       [Sarah Vaughan; Duke Ellington]
[?] * So Rare - Herst & Sharp       [Jimmy Dorsey(2'38" version); Billy May; Ella Fitzgerald **; Mills Brothers]
[?] Spain - ?       [Bob Wilbur]
[120] Speak Low - Kurt Weill & Ogden Nash       [Dick Haymes; Others (needs intelligent interpretation)
[?] Spellbound - ?       [ ? ]
[?] S'possin' - ?       [Sarah Vaughan]
[228] Spring Is Here - Richard Rodgers & Lorentz Hart - Lyrics       [Ella; Rosemary; Maxine Sullivan; Bill Evans]
[?] Spring Isn't Everything - Harry Warren & Ralph Blane       [Maxine Sullivan]
[?] * Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year - Frank Loesser       [Sarah Vaughan (1953); Anne Shelton; Jeri Southern]
[167] Stairway To The Stars, (I'll Build A) - Matty Malneck & Michell Parish       [Ella Fitzgerald; Mel Torme]      (N - 1941)
[12] * Stardust - Hoagy Carmichael & Michell Parish       [Nat Cole; Bing; Louis; Artie Shaw      (N - 1945)
[87] Star Eyes - Gene DePaul & Don Raye       [Stephane Grapelly; Sarah Vaughan; Helen O'Connell]
[?] Star Is Born, (A) - Robert Farnon       [Robert Farnon]
[238] Stars Fell On Alabama - Perkins & Michell Parish       [Ella & Louis; Stan Getz; Vera Lynn; Jack Teagarden]
[?] * Stay As Sweet As You Are - Harry Revel & Mack Gordon       [Nat Cole]    (N - 1957)
[10] Stella By Starlight - Victor Young & Ned Washington       [Dick Haymes; Tony Bennett; many jazz versions]
[?] Stranger Called The Blues, (A) - ?       [June Christy]
[?] Stranger In My Own Home Town, (A) - ?       [Mel Torme]
[367] ** Street Of Dreams - Victor Young & S Lewis       [Sarah Vaughan (1951); Lee Wiley & Bobby Hackett]
[556] *** Struttin' With Some Barbecue - ?       [Louis Armstrong - 1937]
[269] Sugar - Maceo Pinkard Alexander & Mitchell      [Lee Wiley; Louis Armstrong]
[?] Sultry Sunset - Duke Ellington       [Duke Ellington's Orch] [3] Summertime - Geo Gershwin & Dubois Heyward       [Ella Fitzgerald; Sarah Vaughan (1949); many others]
[281] Sunday - Kenny Graham       [Johnny Hodges]
[752] Sunday Kind Of Love, (I've Got A) - ?     [Frank Sinatra]
[?] * Suppertime - Irving Berlin       [Lee Wiley; Carmen McRae]
[142] Sweet And Lovely - Gus Arnheim, Tobias & Lemare       [Bing; Al Bowlly; Chet Baker]
[?] ** Sweet As A Song - ?       Louis Armstrong; Al Bowlly; Carroll Gibbons with Ann Lener [16] Sweet Georgia Brown - Maceo Pinkard, Ben Bernie & Ken Casey      [Stephane Grapelly]
[?] Sweet Georgie Fame - Saundra Harris & Blossom Dearie      [Blossom Dearie]
[956] Sweethearts On Parade - ?       [Louis Armstrong]
[?] Swinging Down The Lane - Isham Jones & Gus Kahn      [Frank Sinatra]


[656] Take Five - Dave Brubeck & Paul Desmond       [By them]
[23] Take The 'A' Train - Duke Ellington & Billy Strayhorn       [Duke & Orch; Sarah Vaughan]
[214] Taking A Chance On Love - Vernon Duke, Ted Fetter & J Letouch       [Billy Eckstine]
[?] * Talk To Me, Baby - Robt Dolan & Johnny Mercer       [Johnny Mercer; Rosemary Clooney]
[212] * Tangerine - Victor Schertzinger & Johnny Mercer       [Bing; Helen O'Connell; Ben Webster; Lynn Roberts; Vaughan Munroe]
[26] * Tenderly - Walter Gross & Jack Lawrence       [Rosemary Clooney with Percy Faith; Mel Torme; Sarah Vaughan (1949); Stan Getz; Ella; Ronnie Scott & Victor Feldman (1954) ]
[?] Tender Trap, (The) - Jimmy Van Heusen & Sammy Cahn       [Frank Sinatra; Bong Crosby; Stacey Kent]      (N - 1956)
[?] ** Thanks - Sam Coslow & Arthur Johnston - Lyrics       [Bing; Al Bowlly; Mildred Bailey]      (N - 1946)
[?] Thanks A Million - ?       [Louis Armstrong]
[762] *** Thanks For The Memory - Leo Robin & Ralph Rainger - Lyrics  [Note: There have been many additional lyrics written for this great song over the years; I believe those shown here are the originals as heard in the 1938 film in which it was introduced (by Bob Hope and Shirley Ross); it was later Bob's theme song.]    [Bob Hope; Bing Crosby; Rosemary Clooney; Ella Fitzgerald; Frank Sinatra]
[?] * That Lovely Weekend - M & T Heath       [Dorothy Carless; Vera Lynn]
[180] That Old Black Magic - Harold Arlen & Johnny Mercer       [Johnny Mercer]      (N - 1944)
[824] * That Old Devil Called Love - Roberts & Fisher       [Billie Holiday; Allison Moyet; Jeri Southern]
[261] * That's All - ?       [Ben Webster; Mel Torme; Nat Cole; Peggy Lee; Sarah Vaughan; Michael Buble]
[?] That's For Me - ?      [Bing Crosby; An English female vocalist ca 1943]
[?] That's Life - ?      [Frank Sinatra; Michael Bolton]
[?] That's My Home - ?       [Tony Bennett; Humphrey Lyttelton; Louis Armstrong]
[?] * That Sunday, That Summer - Geo Weiss & Joe Sherman       [Nat Cole (worth **); Geo Shearing; Beegie Adaire*]
[?] That's What Life Is Made Of - Ray Noble       [Al Bowlly]
[264] Them There Eyes - Maceo Pinkard, W Tracy & Doris Tauber       [Billie Holiday]
[551] Then I'll Be Tired Of You - Arthur Schwartz & Yip Harburg       [Ella; Peggy Lee; Kay Starr]
[913] There Are Such Things - Geo Meyer, A Baer & S Adams       [Frank Sinatra - 1939; Johnny Hartman; Others]
[?] There Goes My Heart - Silver & Davis       [Dinah Washington; Helen Forest]
[?] There I Go - Hy Zaret & Weiser       [Vaughan Munroe; Dorothy Carless & Geraldo (1941); Frank Sinatra]      (N - 1945)
[52] There Is No Greater Love - Jones & Symes       [Ben Webster]
[?] There Is No Music For Me - Harry Warren & Ira Gershwin       [ ? ]
[?] There, I've Said It Again - Red Evans & Dave Mann       [Vaughan Munroe]      (N - 1945)
[401] There'll Be Some Changes Made - ?       [Mildred Bailey; Bunny Berigan; Gene Krupa with Irene Day]
[?] There Ought To Be A Moonlight Saving Time - Irving Kahal & Harry Richmond       [Blossom Dearie]
[924] * There's A Lull In My Life - Harry Revel & Mack Gordon       [Kat Starr; Ella Fitzgerald]
[?] There's A Man Comin' Round - Traditional Spiritual       [Jesse Norman]
[284] * There's A Small Hotel - Richard Rodgers & Loresntz Hart       [Peggy Lee; Frank Sinatra; Others]      (N - 1950)
[?] There's Danger In Your Eyes, Cherie - ?       [ ? ]      (N - 1944)
[518] There's No You - ?       [FRank Sinatra; June Christy; Stan Getz & Lou Levy]
* There Will Never Be Another You - Harry Warren & Mack Gordon       [Keeley Smith; Chet Baker]
[ ? ] There Will Never Be Another You - ?        [Nancy Wilson; ]
]28] These Foolish Things - Jack Strachey & Eric Maschwitz       [Sarah Vaughan; Billie Holiday]
[927] They All Laughed - Geo & Ira Gershwin       [Carmen McRae; Stacey Kent]
[86] They Can't Take That Away From Me - Geo & Ira Gershwin       [Ella & Louis; Sarah Vaughan]
[?] They're Playing The Last Dance - Jule Styne & Sammy Cahn      [Frank Sinatra]
[?] Things Are Looking Up - Geo & Ira Gershwin       [Billie Holiday; Fred Astaire]
[758] Things We Did Last Summer, (The) - Jule Styne & Sammy Cahn       [Carol Carr; Monica Zetterlund]
[?] * Thinking Of You - Harry Ruby & Bert Kalmar      [Sarah Vaughan (1950)**; George Shearing; Don Cherry; Eddie Fisher]      (N - 1950)
[?] Think Well Of Me - ?      [Jack Teagarden - late in his career) (rare)
[?] * This Heart Of Mine - Harry Warren & Arthur Freed (Written for the film 'The Zeigfeld Follies' - 1945)       [Fred Astaire; Maxine Sullivan; Judy Garland]      (N - 1946: California)
[997] This Is All I Ask - ?       [Tony Bennett]
[?] This Is No Laughing Matter - Frisch, Bloch & Loman       [Dorothy Carless]
[590] This Love Of Mine - Henry Sanicola & Sol Parker       [Frank Sinatra]
[416] This Time The Dream's On Me - Harold Arlen & Johnny Mercer - Lyrics       [Ella; June Christy; Andre Previn]
[?] This Will Be My Shining Hour - ? & Johnny Mercer       [Rosemary Clooney]
[?] ** This Will Make You Laugh - Irene Wilson       [Carmen McRae (1955)** - Excellent!]
[912] This Year's Kisses - ?       [Billie Holiday]
[131] Time After Time - Jule Styne & Sammy Cahn       [Sarah Vaughan]
[?] Time Heals Everything - Jerry Herman       [Julia MacKenzie]
[156] Time On My Hands - Vincent Youmans, H Adamson & Mack Gordon       [Lee Wiley; Billie Holiday; Al Bowlly]
[?] Time To Go - ?       [Sarah Vaughan]
[?] * Time Was - ?       [Helen O'Connell & Ray Eberle with Jimmy Dorsey**; Great instrumental version by Nelson Riddle & Orch. (It was the nostalgic theme used by BBC Radio 2's DJ Hubert Greig for decades (sadly missed); Mel Torme; The Four Freshmen] (Note: An earlier version of this tune was apparently recorded by Al Bowlly in about 1934 - called 'Dreamtime' or 'Dreaming'.)
[621] * 'Tis Autumn - Henry Nimo      [Ella Fitzgerald; Nat Cole; Tony Martin; Bobby Hackett*; Stan Getz; Chet Baker; Eydie Gorme]
[?] Tonight I Shall Sleep… - Duke Ellington, Irving Gordon & Mercer Ellington       [Scott Hamilton]
[620] Too Late Now - ?       [Ben Webster; Ella Fitzgerald; Carmen McRae]
[344] Too Marvellous For Words - Richard Whiting & Johnny Mercer       [Ella Firzgerald; Frank Sinatra *; Bing Crosby; Michael Feinstein]
[817] Two Sleepy People - Hoagy Carmichael & Frank Loesser      [Bob Hope & Shirley Ross; Fats Waller; Beegie Adair]
[474] Touch Of Your Lips, (The) - Ray Noble       [Bing; Billy Daniels; Nat Cole; Al Bowlly; Bobby Hackett]
[784] Trust In Me - Arthur Schwartz, Ager & Wever       [Connie Boswell]


Under A Blanket Of Blue - Jay Livingston, Symes & Neiburg       [Ella & Louis; Stacey Kent]      (N - 1961)         [645]
Unforgettable - Irving Gordon       [Nat Cole/Nelson Riddle - 1951); Natalie Cole]         [722]
Until The Real Thing Comes Along - Saul Chaplin & Sammy Cahn       [Ella; Sarah; Billie; June Christy; Dexter Gordon]         [317]


[?] Vanity - Manns, Bierman & Wood       [Sarah Vaughan * (June 1951)]      (N - 1952)
[107] Very Thought Of You, (The) - Ray Noble      [Ella; Bing; Billie; Al Bowlly; Tony Bennett]
[728] Violets For Your Furs - ?       [Frank Sinatra]


[546] Warm Valley - Duke Ellington & Bob Russell       [Johnny Hodges & Duke - 1940]
[?] Wasn't Ours A Lovely Love Affair? - ?       [Judy Garland; Others]
[?] Was That The Human Thing To Do? - ?       [Kay Starr; Al Bowlly; Boswell Sisters]
[?] Watch What Happens - Michel Le Grande       [ ? ]
[?] Wave - ? Juan Carlos Jobim & ?      [Nancy Wilson; Stan Getz]
[?] Way Ahead Of The Game - Robt Dolan & Johnny Mercer       [Johnny Mercer] (from 'Foxie' - on Verve)
[27] Way You Look Tonight, (The) - Jerome Kern       [Billie Holiday]
[368] Way Down Yonder In New Orleans - ?       [Louis Armstrong and Jack Teagarden]
[241] We'll Be Together Again - ?       [Geo Shearing; Ella]
[?] We'll Gather Lilacs - Ivor Novello       [Vanessa Lee]      (N - 1958)
Were You Sincere? - Meskill & Rose      [Bing Crosby; Al Bowlly]
[367] ** What A Difference A Day Made - Grener & Adams       [Kay Starr **; Sarah Vaughan (1947)***; Jane Morgan ***; Dinah Washington; Maxine Sullivan]      (N - 1946-49)
[534] What A Little Moonlight Can Do - Woods       [Billie Holiday]
[373] What Am I Here For? - Billy Strayhorn       [Duke & Orch]
[717] * What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life? - Michel Le Grand & A Bergman       [Frank Sinatra; Johnny Mathis; Mel Torme]
[560] What Can I Say Dear After I Say I'm Sorry? - ?       [Kay Starr]
[?] What'cha Doin' To Me? ?       [Sarah Vaughan]
[?] What Goes Up Must Come Down - Rube Bloom & Ted Koehler       [Kay Starr; Jimmy Rushing]
[232] ** What Is There To Say? - Vernon Duke & Yip Harburg       [Ella Fitzgerald***; Nat Cole***; Bill Evans; Chris Connor; Mel Torme; Johnny Hartman **]
[8] What Is This Thing Called Love? - Cole Porter       [ ? ] [?] What Love Will Do - ?       [ ? ]
[14] * What's New? - Haggart & Johnny Burke       [Billie Holiday; Ella Fitzgerald; Billy Eckstine]
[819] ** What Will I Tell My Heart?, (But) - Tinturin & Lawrence       [Billy Eckstine***; Ella & Stan Getz**; Jim Tomlinson]      [N - 1950]
[675] When A Woman Loves A Man - ?       [Billie Holiday; Peggy Lee; Tony Bennett]
[?] * When I Am With You - Stillman & Weisman       [Johnny Mathis]
[331] When Its Sleepy Time Down South - ?       [Louis Armstrong]
[?] When Joanna Loved Me - ?        [Matt Munro]
[349] When Lights Are Low - Benny Carter & Williams       [June Christy; Sarh Vaughan; Benny Carter]
[?] When Mabel Comes In The Room - Jerry Herman       [ ? ]
[517] * When Sonny Gets Blue - Fisher & Segal      [Carmen McRae; Johnny Mathis; Nat Cole; June Christie]
[485] When The Sun Comes Out - Harold Arlen & Ted Koehler      [Mel Torme]
[?] When You Are Gone - ?Lucky Thompson       [Sarah Vaughan]
[217] When Your Lover Has Gone - E A Swan       [Sarah Vaughan ca 1950; Keeley Smith; not Ella !]
[353] * Where Are You? - Jimmy McHugh & Harold Adamson       [Dinah Washington; Don Estelle*; Herb Jeffries; Mildred Bailey; 15 other versions ! (see Wikipedia).]
[?] Where Do You Go? - Alec Wilder       [ ? ]
[?] Where Flamingos Fly - Spoliansky & Kennedy       [Anne Shelton]
[607] Who? - ?       [Tommy Dorsey; Jack Buchanan; Others]
[?] Who Can I Turn To? - ?       [Wynton Marsalis; Others]
[419] * Who Cares? - Geo & Ira Gershwin       [Anita O'Day; Ella; Sarah; Michael Feinstein; Bill Evans]
[?] Who Do You Know In Heaven? - Stillman & De Rose      [Nat Cole]
[?] Why Can't You Behave? - ?       [Ella Fitzgerald]
?] Why Did I Choose You? - ?       [Barbra Streisand]
[?] * Why Try To Change Me Now? - ?      [Frank Sinatra; Jimmy Scott- [on CD 'Falling In Love Is Wonderful']
[?] Wild Is The Wind - ? [Nina Simone]
[13] Willow, Weep For Me - Isham Jones & Ann Ronnell       [Ella; Aita O'Day; Others]
[328] Will You Still Be Mine? - ?     [ ? ]
[?] Windmills Of My Mind - ?       [?Frank Sinatra; Mel Torme]
[?] With Every Breath I Take - Arthur Johnston & Johnny Burke       [Bing Crosby; Marlene Verplanck]
[370] Without A Song - Vincent Youmans, David Rose & Eliscu       [Frank Sinatra; Billy Eckstine]
[?] Without Your Love - ?       [Billy Eckstine]
[996] Wives And Lovers - Burt Bacharach & David ?Raksin       [Jack Jones; Lena Horne; Matt Monro]
[874] World Is Waiting For The Sunrise, (The) - Seitz & Lockard       [ ? ]
[190] Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams - Harry Barris & Ted Koehler       [Bing Crosby; Sarah Vaughan]


[9] Yesterdays - Jerome Kern & Otto Harbach       [Billie Holiday; Ruby Braff; Jeri Southern]
[235] You And The Night And The Music - Arthur Schwartz & Howard Dietz      [Vic Damone]
[?] You Are My Heart's Delight - ?       [Richard Tauber]
[449] You Are Too Beautiful - ?       [Nat Cole; Frank Sinatra]
[?] You Belong To My Heart - ?       [Tony Martin; Nat Cole; Jane Morgan; Laura Fygi]      (N - 1945: California)
[555] You'd Better Go Now - S. Reichner & Irving Graham       [Jeri Southern (with lovely backing); Meredith D'Ambrosio; Ethel Ennis]
[747] You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me - ?       [Errol Garner; Others]
[?] You Call It Madness - G Dubois, R Columbo & P Gregory      [Nat Cole; Diana Krall; Al Bowlly; Billy Eckstine]
[375] You Can Depend On Me - ?       [Helen Humes; Nat Cole]
[?] You Couldn't Be Cuter - Jerome Kern & Betty Field       [Al Bowlly; Margaret Whiting]
188] You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To - Cole Porter       [Helen Merrill]
[?] You'd Better Love Me While You May - ?       Shirley Horne; Others]
[53] You Don't Know What Love Is - Don Raye & Gene De Paul       [Geo Shearing; Dakota Statton; Chet Baker]
[42] You Go To My Head - H Gillespie & J Coots       [Billie; Ella; Sarah]
[?] * You Go Your Way, I'll Go Mine - Johnny Mercer       [Johnny Mercer; Margaret Whiting]
[?] You Keep Coming Back Like A Song - Irving Berlin      [Ella Fitzgerald]
[947] You Made Me Love You - ?       [Harry James; Judy Garland]      (N - 1944)
[848] You Make Me Feel So Young - Myrow & Mack Gordon       [Frank Sinatra]      (N - 1958)
[?] Young Man With A Horn - ?       [Jimmy Dorsey & Orch]
[?] You're All I Need - Walter Jurmann, Gus Kahn & B Kaper       [Billy Eckstine; Sarah Vaughan (1949)
[?] * You're Always There - ?       [Kay Starr]
[?] You're A Sweet Little Headache - Leo Rainger & Ralph Robin       [Bing Crosby]
[640] * You're Blase - Seiver & Hamilton       [Ella - 1957; Stan Getz; Sarah Vaughan (1946)]
[243] You're Diving Me Crazy, (You) - ?       [Billy Eckstine; Al Bowlly]
[770] You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me - Harry Warren & Al Dubin      [Bing; Mel Torme; Frank Sinatra]
[?] * You're Laughing At Me - Irving Berlin       [Ella; Mildred Bailey; Daryl Sherman; Mel Torme]
[?] You're Looking At Me - B Troup       [Nat Cole; Stacey Kent]
You're Mine, You - Johnny Green & Edw Heyman       [Sarah Vaughan; Al Bowlly]
[525] * You're Mine You - Johnny Green & Edward Heyman      [Artie Shaw; Nat Cole; Al Bowlly; Sarah Vaughan (1949)]
[393] You're My Everything - Harry Warren & Mort Dixon       [Anita O'Day; Nat Cole; George Shearing]
[374] You're My Thrill - ?       [Shirley Horne]
[?] Yours - G Roig & Jack Sherr      [Helen O'Connell & Bob Eberly]
[?] Yours And Mine - ?       [Billie Holiday]
[?] You Showed Me The Way - Ella Fitzgerald & ?       [Ella; Billie]
[96] You Stepped Out Of A Dream - Brown & Gus Kahn       [Sarah Vaughan; Geo Shearing]
[310] You Took Advantage Of Me - Rodgers & Hart       [ ? ]
[660] You Turned The Tables On Me - ?       [Billie Holiday - 1952; Others]
[395] ** You've Changed - Carl Fischer & B Carey - Lyrics      [Anne Shelton; Dick Haymes with Harry James Orch **; Billie Holiday; Bob Manning (very much like Haymes but with a few embellishments]
[?] You've Got Me Crying Again - Isham Jones & Chas Newman       [Lee Wiley; Elsie Carlisle; Bing; Billy Eckstine]
[?] * You Were There - Noel Coward       [Noel & Gertie; Al Bowlly]
[?] You Wouldn't Leave Me Would You? - ?       [Barbara Cook]


[?] Ziegfield Follies - Harry Warren & ?      [ ? ]      (N-1946 - "Here's to those wonderful ladies, here's to those wonderful girls: Adeles and Mollys, Lucilles and Pollys; You'll find them all at the Ziegfeld Follies..." [God bless Ken Burke (d 2004) with whom I used to sing this song (and various Crosby classics) while we waited patiently for lifts on countless stretches of the 99 highway in Washington, Oregon and California in the summer of 1946. We were still 15 ! With everything to live for. ]
[?] Zigeuner - Noel Coward     [Noel; Doreen Hume; Meredith D'Ambrosio]

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Lyrics to the Songs listed in Part Two

Spring Is Here - by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart


Once there was a thing called Spring, when the world was writing verses like yours and mine.
All the boys and girls would sing, as we sat at little tables and drank May wine.
Now April, May and June..seem sadly out of tune;
Life has struck a pin in the balloon...

Spring is here; why doesn't my heart go dancing?
Spring is here; why isn't the waltz entrancing?
No desire, no ambition leads me; maybe it's because nobody need me.
Spring is here; why doesn't the breeze delight me?
Stars appear; why doesn't the night invite me?
Maybe it's because nobody loves me.
Spring is here. Spring is here. Spring is here....I hear.

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Please Be Kind - by Saul Chaplin & Sammy Cahn

This is my first affair, so please be kind.
Handle my heart with care; oh, please be kind.
This is all so grand, my dreams are on parade.
If you'll just understand, they'll never, never fade.

So tell me your love's sincere; oh, please be kind.
Tell me I needn't fear; oh, please be kind.
'Cause if you leave me dear, I know my heart will lose its mind.
If you love me, please be kind.

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Prelude To A Kiss - by Duke Ellington & Mack Gordon

If you hear a song in blue, like a flower crying for the dew,
That was my heart serenading you - my prelude to a kiss.
If you hear a song that grows, from my tender sentimental woes,
That was my heart trying to compose - a prelude to a kiss.

Though its just a simple melody, with nothing fancy, nothing much;
You could turn it to a symphony...a Shubert tune, with a Gershwin touch.
Oh how my love song gently cries, for the tenderness within your eyes.
My love is a prelude that never dies; a prelude to a kiss.

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Our Love Is Here To Stay - by George & Ira Gershwin


The more I read the Papers, the less I comprehend
The world and all its capers...and how  it all  will end.
Nothing seems to be lasting, but that isn't our affair
We've got something permanent...I mean, in the way  we  care...


It's very clear, our love is here to stay
Not for a year, but ever and a day.
The radio and the telephone and the movies that we know
May just be passing fancies and in time may go.

But, oh my dear, our love is here to stay.
Together we're...going a long, long way.
In time, the Rockies my crumble, Gibraltar may tumble...there only made of clay
But, our love is here to stay.

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This Time The Dream's On Me - by Harold Arlen & Johnny Mercer

Somewhere, someday - we'll be close together, wait and see.
Oh, by the way - this time the dream's on me.
You take my hand - and you look at me adoringly.
But as things stand, this time the dream's on me.

It would be fun - to be certain that I'm the one
To know that I at least supply the shoulder you cry upon.
To see you through - till you're everything you want to be.
It can't be true but...this time the dream's on me.

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One For My Baby - by Harold Arlen & Johnny Mercer

It's a quarter to three, there's no one in the place except you and me.
So, set 'em up Joe, I got a little story I think you should know.
We're drinking my friend, to the end of a brief episode.
Make it one for my baby and one more for the road.

I know the routine...put another nickel in the machine.
I'm feeling kind of bad - can't you make the music easy and sad.
I could tell you a lot, but it's not in a gentleman's code.
Make it one for my baby and one more for the road.

You'd never know it, but buddie I'm a kind of poet
And I've got a lot of things I'd like to say.
And if I'm gloomy, please listen to me - till its talked away.

Well, that's how it goes, and Joe I know you're getting anxious to close.
Thanks for the cheer - I hope you didn't mind my bending your ear.
But this torch that I found, its gotta be drowned or its going to explode.
Make it one for my baby and one more for the road.

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You've Changed - by Carl Fisher & B Carey


I've an awful feeling that
This thought that's been a'stealing
Through my brain - is not to be ignored.
But to really tell the truth, though I'm not a well known sleuth,
I honestly believe that you are bored.


You've changed; that sparkle in your eye is gone.
Your smile is just a careless yawn.
You're breaking my heart - you've changed.

You've changed; you're kisses now are so blase.
You're bored with me in every way.
I can't understand - you've changed.

You've forgotten the words 'I love you',
Each memory that we've shared.
You ignore every star above you;
I can't realize you've ever cared.

You've changed; You're not the angel I once knew;
No need to tell me that we're through.
It's all over now - you've changed.

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Thanks - by Sam Coslow & Arthur Johnston

We used to dwell in love's own palace,
A palace of dreams come true.
Now that we're through I bear no malice -
Though we've called it a day, all I can say is...

Thanks for all the lovely delights I found in your embrace.
I'm thankful though I know it's ending all too soon.
And Thanks for unforgettable nights I never can replace,
And memories that linger like a haunting tune.

It's better - to have loved you dear and lost
Than never to have loved at all.
Yes, it's better, for no matter what the cost
I held the world in Emperor for a day,
And Thanks again for taking me on the road to paradise.
We lost our way, but still I must convey my thanks.

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The Old Ox Road - by ?

There's a famous thoroughfare,
I've heard collegiates say.
I'm not referring to Piccadilly.
It's not 42nd Street; it's not the Rue de la Paix.
Nor is it Market Street in Philly.
Ask any college Romeo; To complete your education, you must go...

Down the Old Ox road.
Though you'll never find out where it is by looking on maps,
With a little investigation, you'll discover perhaps
That this old tradition's not a place
But just a proposition called - the Old Ox road; the Old Ox road.

Ox road could be any romantic spot:
A country highway or a moonlit yacht.
It could be in the parlour when the lights are burning low.
It could be in the movies, in the very last row.

Down the Old Ox road.
In the magic of the moonlight, you are filled with delight,
While the leaves that flutter o'er you whisper 'lover tonight',
Why keep waiting and debating, when you know it's time for mating
Down the Old Ox road, Yes, the Old Ox road.

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Thanks For The Memory - by Leo Robin & Ralph Rainger

Thanks for the memory
Of candlelight and wine, castles on the Rhine,
The Parthenon, and moments on...the Hudson River line...
How lovely it was.

And thanks for the memory -
Of rainy afternoons, swingy Harlem tunes
And motor trips, burning lips, morning toast and prunes...
How lovely it was.

Many's the time that we feasted
And many's the time that we fasted.
Oh well, it was swell while it lasted.
We did have fun harm done.

So, thanks for the memory
Of sunlight on the shore, nights in Singapore;
You might have been a headache but you never were a bore.
So, thank you so much.

We said goodbye with a highball.
Then I got as high as a steeple.
But we were intelligent people...
No tears, no fuss...Hooray for us.

So, thanks for the memory
And strictly entre-nous, darling how are you?
And how are all those little dreams that never did come true?
Awf'lly glad I met you...Cheerio and toodle-oo
And thank you - so much.

-- -- -- -- -- --

[The foregoing appears to be the more usual set of lyrics.
But in the 1938 film with Bob Hope and Shirley Ross,
their duet used the following set (as well?):

[He]:   Thanks for the memory -
Of sentimental verse, nothing in my purse
And chuckles when the preacher said "For better or for worse"...
{She]:    How lovely it was!

Thanks for the memory
Of Schubert's Serenade, little things of jade
And traffic jams and anagrams
And bills we never paid...
[He]:    How lovely it was.

We who could laugh over big things
Were parted by only a slight thing.
[She]:    I wonder if we did the right thing?
Oh well that's life I guess...
[He]:   I love your dress.   [She]:   Do you?
[He]:   'Its pretty'.  [She]:    'Thanks....

...For the memory...
Of faults that you forgave, rainbows on a wave,
[He]:    And stockings in the basin when a fellow needs a shave -
Thank you so much.

[She]:     Thanks for the memory
Of tinkling temple bells...alma mater yells,
[He]:     And Cuban rum, and towels from, the very best hotels.
[She]:    Oh how lovely it was.

Thanks for the memory
Of cushions on the floor, hash with Dinty Moore,
That pair of gay pyjamas that you bought and never wore.
[He]:    Say, by the way, whatever became of those pyjamas?

[She]:   We said goodbye with a highball.
[He]:     Then I got as high as a steeple.  [She]:    Did you?
[He]:    But we were intelligent people...
[She]:    No tears, no fuss...  [Both]:    Hooray for us.

(So, thanks for the memory...)
[She]:    Strictly entre-nous, darling how are you?
[He]:   And how are all those little dreams that never did come true?
[She]:    Awf'lly glad I met you...  [He]:    Cheerio and toodle-oo
[She]:    Thank you...  [He]:    thank you - so much.

-- -- -- -- -- --

[Note: that Frank Sinatra recorded yet another set of lyrics for
this song. He may have written them himself - to represent
his lost love for Ava Gardner - for the quality of the lyrics
sometimes 'slips' a little (they don't always scan rhythmically)
but they do seem heartfelt and are quite moving.]

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