The use of the definite article in the above title is of course misplaced. This section concerns only a particular Millman family - namely my own (and other members of it). The same licence will likely apply in the case of various other families' genealogies considered on this site. It simplifies titles to do so - compared to the alternatives.

       The main contribution here - 'The Genealogy of The Millman Family' (in 2 or 3 Parts) - covers the gradual discovery of the origins of my family and is written (as are most others on this site) to reflect that journey rather than just to record the final results - set out in tables and pedigrees. A related aspect included in that account concerns the Milman family of Paignton which can be found more directly by clicking accordingly. (The immediately preceding paragraphs of the main account provides however a useful lead-in to that section.) The section on the Origin of William Millman has relevance to that on the Paignton Milmans and can also be viewed separately. There is also a much briefer overview - albeit still verbal rather than tabular - entitled 'A Brief History of the Millman Family' - which may be read either before or after the more detailed accounts. Please Click as required:

A Brief History of the Millman Family

The Genealogy of The Millman Family:           Part One             Part Two

The Milmans of Paignton

On The Origin of William Millman (c1771-1841)

The Millmans of Prince Edward Island

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